My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Festivist New Years Eve!


Wow, this is the last day of 2007 (ever!) and the last Monday of 2007 (ever!). Where has the time gone? It's flown by! I am not sad that it is going though so that's good. Sometimes I get upset at New Years b/c the year is coming to a close a new one is opening. Oy...i'm too emotionally invovled sometimes.

This time last year I truely beleived 2007 would be the year I was going to get better. Honestly. I remember thinking, "This is the best I've ever felt. I think 2007 is gonna be the year I beat this thing!" While the docs always told me I'd never get better, I never beleived them. I hate to say it but i guess they were right.


So for 2008 I can see it being pretty much the same. I sincerely hope though that my transplant comes this year! 2008...the year of the transplant. Let's hope, eh! This time last year the word 'transplant' never crossed my mind. I remember when my doctor first mentioned it to me (January of this past year) i got out to my car and started crying. I didn't beleive it. I felt so sorry for myself. What had my life come to?

2007 taught me that needing a transplant isn't a death sentence. Transplant does not mean you need to sit around and feel sorry for yourself but it is a good reason for ppl to cater to you and for you to sit on your ass and be lazy. I remember waking up today at 11 am...after sleeping for 9 hours...and my first thought was, "Ugh...i'm so tired." Transplants great for that! You don't need an excuse to be tired - you just are! Rock on to that!

I learned not to be afraid of things. Before when i heard about wearing oxygen at night, i thought it was for pussies. Truely. I didn't understand how ppl could need it, nor could i grasp how people could get 'sick' enough to be pretty much housebound and never want to leave. Honestly, it was a symbol of weakness in my eyes....but here I sit, a year later, completely and utterly humbled. I AM that person now. Am I ashamed? No. Am I a pussy? Hell no! Am I weak? No fucken way no!

Bottom line I guess, is that i've learned that shit happens. I knew it happened before but i thought it came in droplets. I didn't expect to be dumped on when shit happened. But - like i've always said - i'd rather get my shit done now when i'm young, then when i'm older and settled and have things to lose. Right now I don't really have much to lose in the materialistic sense. Luck? Maybe. Bad timing? Yes. But is there ever a good time for shit to happen? No.

So tonight I would like to bid farewell to 2007 - The Year of Lessons - and I would like to welcome 2008. I don't know what you'll bring but I hope it's good! One thing is that I don't want to cry the way i have this past year! That can stay behind. I hope you all have a fantabulous night, and that you bid farewell to 2007 kindly, and that when the year closes, and 2008 opens its doors, you welcome it with open arms and full shot glasses.

Be safe - whether you're a sickie, whether you're a transplantee, or a 'normal-ee' - be well my children.

LET'S PARTY LIKE IT'S 1999/2007!

Friday, December 28, 2007


Can the internet really only take you so far? I truely believe i've reached the end of the internet as far as my interests go. I sit here, bored out of my gord waiting for Tara to come over. She's not coming over to watch a movie until 7:30 or 8 so until then I have to sit and wait, and entertain myself.

So far, it's pretty boring.

I am watching an Evanescence DVD to keep myself occupied. I ironically just listened to "Breathe No More" and now it's "My Immortal". That song is really personal to me b/c I listened to it 7 times the day Karyn died - before I even knew she had passed. I kept replaying and replaying "I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone" and I didn't even know she had died yet. It was weird. I sat there and cried as i listened to it, not knowing my friend had already left...Needless to say, it takes a lot of guts for me to listen to this song. I don't generally voluntarily listen to it b/c it makes me sad. For the longest time I beleived this song was an omen.

In other news.....nothing. There is really nothing for me to report. It's kinda windy out but when isn't it? I went shopping and got a lot of stuff from Zellers. Tomorrow I am helping Jess paint Jocelyn's room and today i recieved my official invite to The Child's birthday! I think i'm going to get her an Elmo stuffed animal since she's obsessed with him. I'm not gonna lie: i knew I was invited regardless of if i hadn't yet been asked.

Ermmmm........i pulled a back muscle coughing. Joy of all joys. At first I thought it was kidney pain but realized that I didn't really have a reason to have kidney pain since i didn't fall on my kidney or anything. I wasn't randomly punched in the kidney area nor was i impaled with anything. I came to the conclusion upon coughing a lot that COUGHING was the most likely culprit for my pain and for that I am taking acetominophen since I also have a headache and i bit my cheek really hard. Not just hard but really really hard. So hard i felt a 'squish' and then a 'crunch' and every since i've been wary of food.

That's about it for now children. No lung news really. Someone asked me if I was sick and I said honestly, i feel like such shit all the time that I wouldn't know if i was. True, I've been coughing more so maybe I should check it out but i'm lazy so we'll see. I guess I'll sit here in my sweatpants and stare at the clock.

Have a good Friday, peeps.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

If it's not Tetley's, it's CRAAAAAAP


So i went to make a cup of tea tonight only to discover my sister finished my Earl Grey. MINE MINE MINE!*jumps up and down* so needless to say when my dad went grocery shopping he wrote it on the list b/c i was so distraught and on the verge of dying from withdrawl. He came home and i discovered they didn't have the right tea *tear*:( He got Earl Grey but it was TWINNINGS. Don't get me wrong - i like Twinnings, but only English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast. Earl Grey is best made my Tetley, but i guess Zehrs didn't have any.

Needless to say when i pulled the yellow box from the shopping bag my heart sank as i new yellow meant 'decaffinated'. I checked the taste strength and it was 2 leaves out of 5. Again, dispair. I attempted to try it but it was so lemony my heart sank and I dumped it out and had Irish Breakfast, but my heart was so broken I gave up and walked away:( Sorry Dad...

My sister shocked me when i saw she got All Bran cereal. All Bran with 'psylluim fibre!'(thanks, Regis) Not only does it have psyllium fibre but it's HIGH IN FIBRE. So high apparently that it looks like rabbit shit piled up in a bowl. For real. It made me question what makes it so appealing. I guess it you consumed something that looked like shit, it would only encourage you to do the same.

Um what else? I went shopping today and slowed my sister and mum down. I bought 2 pairs of jeans and felt good about myself. I have been really tired the last couple of days and I don't know why...but i'm assuming it's b/c my sleep is off.

My precious Zoey got stuck in a plastic bag today and was running throughout the house. Poor baby stayed under my parents bed all day and then sat on my lap all night. For once, she needs her mummy! Thank god people were here to rescue her and she flew through the place bc she was quite scared. The only good thing is that she probably burnt some much needed calories since she's so fat. But i love her regardless of her burgeoning pot belly.

I just finished eating the grossest, biggest candycane in the world. It was so fucking disgusting that i choked and spit it out. It seems I can only tolerate a little bit of candy-caneness at a time b/c it gets completely disgusting. I also think that i consumed a little bit of the plastic that was on it. Joy.
Anyways that's about it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas Happy Boxing Day it's Almost 2008!

Holy Schnickies! 6 more days till 2008! WOW!

How was your Christmas? Mine was excellent, thanx! Today I hit up the stores for Boxing Day deals and scored myself a new digital camera since my old one is CRAAAAAAAAAAAP. The people at Future Shop actually laughed when I showed them my Kodak Easy Share camera. It's been dropped, smashed, smooshed, spilt on (booze - thanks Krystal), banged, smeared - anything you can think of, it's had it happened to. The sales person said it's been dropped so much b/c it's so heavy. Heavy peice of shit, i'm glad I got a new one! WOO HOO!

I am feeling slightly chubby from all the festivities. I know that after the holidays anyways 5lbs of it will come off - it always happens since the food supply is vastly smaller and much more limited. Cheese balls have been both my friend and enemy this Christmas. Katey's mum makes a killer cheeseball: it's both spreadable and delicious. The cheeseball WE have isn't spreadable and when you apply pressure to induce the spreadation of cheese, the cracker promptly cracks and breaks and crumbles all over the floor. I can't count the many Christmas "fucks!" i screamed this holiday season as Ritz cracker spread all over me. Oh well....

It WAS a white Christmas this year! YAY! After almost 12 years - we had snow! And not just a smattering but actual SNOW! YAY! We woke up today and it was foggy (as it is now) and there was ice hanging off the tree limbs. It was odd and beautiful.

Ummmmmmm...........what else? I can't think of much else to write. My counter at the bottom of this page isn't showing up which I am quite distraught about. I will not lie that it's the first thing I look at when i read my blog next to scoping out comments *coughLEAVEEMcough*. So i can't see it which means i cannot see how many views i've had:( If it disappears I will be sad and just may crawl into a hole and live with sweatpants on for the rest of my life.

And some oxygen.

Anyways I better go. My mum just informed me she created an after-Christmas dinner by putting everything from yesterday together (leftovers 'like layers - it looks pretty!').


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ummmm.....scary moments

So, I had a scary moment driving home from Katey's tonight. I had just finished dropping Krystal off at her place and was driving idlely along, not paying attention to the speed limit and not looking in my side mirrors. I wasn't speeding - a 93 Ford Tempo can only go so fast - so i wasn't breaking any laws. But you know when it's just you and the open city road late at night, with that shitty disco club crap music they play on the radio stations? Well, I kinda got lost in my own world. I looked in my rearview mirror and left side mirror and there was no one behind me. Checked a couple of times more and still no other drivers.....but then, out of no where, on my last check there IS a car. Not just ANY car, but a COP CAR.

Immediately I slowed my already slow speed down to 40km/h (even tho I'm sure the limit was 50). I wasn't taking chances. I didn't know what to do I was freaking out. I hate how cop cars make you feel like you're doing something completely wrong when you know you're not!

Either way, I calmed myself down and stopped at the red light...and went when it turned green. The cop car sped right past me and didn't give a shit. It made me laugh tho, when halfway down the hill, it snuck up on an unsuspecting car and all I see are sudden brake lights going on when there's no need to be. Good to see I'm not the only who shits my pants at times like that...much like 2 weeks ago when I was driving home around 7pm and the car behind me suddenly had sirens rage on and my heart stopped. It was one of those moments when you see all the drivers look at eachother and mentally plead "What do i do?!" even though you know the answer is "pull over" but maybe somewhere, there's an exception to speed the hell up and get the fuck out of the way.

Oh police officers, you scare me so.

Anywho, eval has now passed and it's nothing but CHRISTMASY TIME! WOO HOO! I'm excited b/c i have no commitments and I can lounge in sweatpants and look completely disgusting. I love it. I DO however have to clean my room and vaccume and dust but oh well. I am feeling a little shitty which is daunting, b/c for my eval i felt better than usual and i'm wondering now if i was running on adrenaline and it's all catching up to me.

Let's hope!

I have nothing else interesting left tonight. So....goodnight.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's Bree, Bitch

I'm back, children. And what a ride it was. So let me begin...

We departed for T-Dot at about 6:10pm on Sunday, arriving around 7:30. NOT BAD CONSIDERING a)THE USUAL DRIVE TAKES BETWEEN AN HOUR AND A HALF TO TWO HOURS and b) THERE WAS A "CRIPPLING SNOWSTORM".
We arrive, check our shit in, and make our way to the 16th floor where our room was. My dad hauled the Monster and I in my sweatpants hauled my suitcase with wheels and other stuff. Our room was small but what did we care...all we were doing was sleeping and shitting in it.

My bed's the rumpled one on the farthest part of the pic. Every morning we walked 5 minutes up to the hospital (which was 15 minutes if you're me). The first day consisted of 12 viles of blood, plenty of urine samples (the first thing i said to the lab tech was 'happy birthday' when i dropped my giant orange urine container off) a chest x-ray, ECG (heart thingy) meeting with a social worker, and VQ Scan.

I honestly thought the VQ (Ventilation Perfusion scan) would kill me. At one point I actually thought I died during it. They dangle this thing from the machine and you put it in your mouth while inhaling a vapour that appears in your lungs. This is done so that the docs can see how your lungs work and if they're good or shitty. I peeked at mine and the upper and middle sections were white and the bottoms were black. That can mean that they are working or not - depending on if the contrast is opposite(generally, white would indicate functioning lung tissue - black would mean it didn't. But sometimes, white can mean and absence of function and black can mean function. Compredre? Good).

So there I lay, like a crumpled goddess feeling like I was going to die as the technician kept telling me how much time I had left. Initially it started off as "3 minutes" which 3 minutes later was bumped to "4 and a half". This is when I believe I died. Anyways, it soon ended and I was free to go. Day was finished. Time to saunter back to the hotel and do nothing b/c I'm lazy.

DAY 2 consisted of an Echo (ultra sound of the heart), meeting with the transplant co-ordinater, PFTs and ABGs, and a CT Thorax. This was probably the worst day. It was tedious and painful. The echo was fine but was the first day of many where I spent half of without a shirt on b/c they stick crap to you. It of course was a male nurse (yippee) who echoed my heart. It was honestly good and he couldn't have been nicer. Up next was a meeting with the transplant co-ordinater. These people put together your transplant pretty much and monitor you. She was nice but not overly so - which I beleive is due to the fact that it's probably ill-advised to give away any potential indicators to patients as to whether they could be listed or not. She was fairly neutral but kept saying things that hinted to me like i most likely will be listed (fingers crossed! cross 'em damnitt!). She gave me booklet upon booklet to read which honestly help tons b/c they are so informative. She also gave me a Lung Transplant Manual which officially welcomes me to Transplant Land. How thoughtful....

After this was PFTs(breathing test) and ABGs (blood gas - blood taken through an artery). Surprisingly, my PFTs were up from 29% to 34%. THAT IS NOT A LOT. Anything within a 10% dip or increase is not considered anything really. A lot of it depends on weather and how you're feeling overall. I was slightly disheartened though b/c i was worried it would change their minds about transplant and tell me I'm too healthy. I was really distraught honestly but have decided to change my mind and am choosing to feel positive and that they WILL list me.

After the PFTs was the ABG and let me just say this: HOLY FUCKING OUCH! I had the misfortune of having one before and it hurt. This one was no better. They take blood from an ARTERY in your WRIST. First they feel for a pulse. I was informed that my pulse was weak (again - think back to dying during the VQ scan a few days before) which meant the artery was deep which essentially= WE HAVE TO DIG AROUND. The needle was the biggest thing i've ever seen. They dug and dug, and felt and and felt around and finally, after I was informed there'd be no numbing cream (yay) they went for it.

It's the worst feeling ever. It feels like a sharp object separating your wrist bones and slashing through tissue. You feel it in your stomach - like being punched. It's awful and it just gets worse. I made a face and it took every facial muscle and every ounce of eyeball strength to squeeze my tears in. My first instinct was to cry b/c it hurt so much. I tried to be brave but I think they knew I would cry so i sat there and said nothing. Touching it really hurts and the nurse had to keep pressure on it to keep it from bruising. Honestly, I wouldn't mind a little bruise: it would show people that it fucking hurts and to never do it to me again.

Following this traumatic, scarring, and painful experience was a CT scan. It was short and sweet but again involved the removal of clothing.

DAY 3 was a MUGA scan. Again, removal of clothing. It takes pics of your heart as you like there like a troll and eventually you peddle on a bike. It was really boring and tiring. I met with the anesthesiologist afterwards and she told me all about the surgery. My dad had a lot of questions. She probably thought he was weird. After this I went to the lab to be drained of more blood.

TODAY I met with the research person and filled in an online study thing. I met with the dietician and was informed my weight is perfect (even though I feel like a whale) and that I shouldn't gain or lose any more. After this I went for a 6 minute walk which was stressful. I had to do it twice b/c the physio lady didn't feel I put in my best effort. She didn't beleive I understood what she was asking of me. I beleive I did. So i had to walk the hall for 6 minutes in my 'best effort' and did a lot better. I feel I deserve a gold star.

So, in the event that i DO get listed - which i won't find out till the middle of January - I will most likely need to take a leave from school. This is b/c I will have to attend physio at the hospital 3 times a week for the first month. After the first month, I can transfer 2 of those days locally, and the 3rd day must be done at the hosp. This will require me to commute via Greyhound (God forbid I drive) 2-3 times a week. Yay. THIS IS MANDATORY. I found out my blood type too. Apparently, I've been living a lie. My mother told me I was one type when infact, I am not. Finding this out was much like finding out I had a child somewhere that I never knew about:


"'re not this type..."

"Seriously? No. You're lying. My mother told me I was a different blood type. Mum's don't lie..."

"Well she's wrong. You're completely different."

And i sat there in disbelief much like someone finding out the most bizarre thing ever.The average wait for my blood type, I found out, is 3-4 months. WOW. So that was nice! Also, my dad and i DID go to the ROM and I will try to put up some pics!

Sorry this was so long. But i know you were waiting! These are only 2 of about 102 pics - that's too many to post. This is the T-Rex and my beloved Mammoth. OMG!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Snowstorm Approacheth...

...Windy and snowy and blowy - OH MY!

According to Environment Canada and the Weathernetwork, there is a 'crippling snowstorm' headed straight for us tonight, and should be pretty bad all day tomorrow. Lucky for me, I just happen to me be leaving for TO for my eval tomorrow so we'll see what time we end up leaving! My dad didn't want to leave till like 8pm but now it looks like we're gonna have to leave in the late morning/early aft. It's supposed to be bad tomorrow and there's no way of only really knowing until we wake up! I was supposed to go out with my ladies tonight but that has been canceled b/c it's already snowing and generally pretty shitty outside. Did i mention it's -10 with a windchill of -16? Yeah...that's pretty raunchy.

The verdict is in and it looks like my comp has a 'massive virus' and may have to be completely rebuilt, so we'll see what transpires with that whole dealio. This could be my last post until I get back from my eval on Thursday! Eek! I prob won't have time to update before I leave tomorrow. Since I'm not going out tonight I may pack. Wow...pack. It's come so fast! That means I have to haul ass and bring my suitcase up 2 flights of stairs. How will i ever do that? Oh well....we shall see...

Today and I went on another baking extravaganza in my kitchen. I MADE A CAKE! The official name for said cake is Chocolate Make Over Cake and i made it ALL FROM SCRATCH! Woo hoo go me!!!! It's 2 round pan cakes and you put whipped cream on top of one, and stack the other on top, and then cover the whole cake with whipped cream. The cake is chocolate and needless to say when i devoured the spoon I was quite anxious to eat this special creation. I will have to wait till tomorrow. It's my "Go Me - Transplant Evaluation" cake. I'm not lying. I topped it with strawberries. I took pics and will post when i get my comp back (hopefully soon!). My dad licked the bowl much to my shock. Not just a section of bowl - the WHOLE bowl. My head screamed, "BUT I WANTED TO LICK IT!" but what can you do?

That's about it for now, honestly, unless I can think of something else to write later on. I most likely will not get on until Thurs so have a good week and wish me luck! WOOOOO!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Computer is Broken:(

Great, just fucking great.

My computer is broken. It's been acting like a bastard the last couple of months on me - on and off- and I thought i'd do is a humungus favour lastnight by deleting a bunch of shit and uninstalling programs that i never use. Did that help? NO. Did it help at all?NO. It just made things even MORE slow. Needless to say, after much swearing and screaming and huffing and puffing, I called it a night and thought I'd retry for the morning. I tried, and it was slower than an old person forcing out a bowel movement. It wouldn't budge. Constipated little fuck. I called some guy my mum works with, who knows his computer stuff (afterall he's the one who configured mine) and low and behold at 3pm this aft I took Old Faithful in and it's getting looked at.

I kept getting all these stupid msgs, it would freeze and shut off and give me a blue screen saying "Machine Check" or w/e it said. I don't know coz i didn't read it thoroughly. I tried safe mode which wasn't helpful. It made me want to scrape the freckles off my skin it was so slow. Then it wouldn't even shut off. Not if i commanded it to, and not if i manually pushed the button in. I actually had to climb under my desk like a bush woman and pull the cord myself. Ugh. Oi. Frustrating.

So here I am writing on my mum's laptop, so i'm not completely without. Still...I hope it's just a minor problem and it gets fixed soon!

Lastnight my mum was banging away with her little elf hammer putting new cushions on our dining room chairs. My dad put steel wool under my sink to keep the mice out, but i advised since Zoey was still acting weird to put a trap under just incase. So far, no goodies. Maybe the steel wool worked....

What else? Oh yes - TRANSPLANT EVAL IN 4 DAYS! HOLY CRAP! And FYI Wednesday I'm done tests at around 11am and my dad and I just may check out the Dinosaur exhibit. That's right I said it. I can't wait. No photos but we'll see i'll manage something. WOO HOO!

It's snowy and wet and blowy today. It's very pretty and Christmasy-like. I went to my nana and papa's for lunch today and as I was leaving their condo, i saw that the snow flakes were huge and had soddened my car. I muttered "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkk" under my breath, knowing little that to my right on a bench were 4 old people looking at me like I had taken the lord's name in vain. This only made me say "shiiiiiit" to myself but i refrained from vocally saying it lest i offend them again.

That's about it really. I thought i'd post this in case my comp takes a while. Hopefully, it doesn't. If not, it's not the end of the world I guess. Lord knows what the world would do without me shall i disappear from cyberspace for a few days!

Cheers Sillies,

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finished, Bitches




As of this point on, transplant eval is....6 days away? Holy schnikies! To celebrate I am going out to Shakeys with Kailey and Ashley. I may take pics - depending on how ugly i look, ha ha.

Thank you, BreatheinSteven for your kind comment! You're too sweet! My tx are awesome and I cannot wait for them to come true. WOO FUCKEN HOO to that too!!!!

Um what else? Holy crap, i lost my cross border mail delivery virginity today! Seeing as we live in an email-thrown era, snail mail is quite foreign to me. I mean, i get shit in the mail all the time, i'm never the mailer. Needless to say, I sent off a Christmas card to the states today and I had to get the lady who sold me a stamp to check over my envelope to make sure that I didn't screw it up. Trust me - for something as simple as mailing a letter, i'll be the one to screw it up.

That's about it. There's an ice storm coming and i'm tres excited. I have a hair appt thurs and that's exciting too. THEN IT'S CHRISTMAS TOO! WOO!

To all the readers who themselves are students and suffering through exams: I WISH YOU ALL THE UTMOST LUCK! If your brain gives up and fails you, then fuck it and sleep on it! You'll be better in the morning!!!

Cheers chickies

Monday, December 10, 2007

Another one...

I had another one. A another transplant dream that is.

Why i'm having so many, I don't really know. All i know is that they're beautiful and the best feeling i've ever had. This is my second transplant dream since last week.

This time, again, I got my transplant. Before it I remember finding out that the top portions of my lungs don't work anymore (which I think is actually true, or feels anyway). I vividly remember 'waking up' and being able to breathe fully. I remember the sensation of my lungs filling up with air and refreshing my body. I felt like I could do anything. I could dance again. Nothing was a struggle; nothing was a set back.

I remember showing people my incision. I remember it slightly opened up b/c i lifted my arms too high ( something I have wondered about often). I remember being listed and waiting a month.

I remember a lot.
I hope for it to one day come true.
I hope to one day dance again.
I hope to one day just breathe in fully.

I hope...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Joy to the World

Joy to the World
Sickness has come
My lungs
Are full
Of crap!

Physio is useless
I want to scream my head off
And cough and cough I do
And cough and cough I do

And couuuuuugh
And coooouuuuuugh
And cough I do

Joy to the World
I have chest pain
I'm probably sick!

I want to punch myself a lot
And clear out the infection spots
But punching really hurts
It sometimes makes me burp

So i ammmmmmm
Just going to sit here
And give

Alrighty there you have it - my Christmas Phlegm song. I figured this would happen. I'm on Zithro and in the summer it completely took the inflammation and cough away. Now that it's cold and frozen outside i think my infections decided it was time to wake up. Like a long ago volcano that's been domant since its last eruption. My throat has been sore/irritated feeling the last couple of days. My voice is weird and scratchy, and my chest is sore feeling. I'm junky sounding and coughing huge gobs of chest jewels up. It's radient. I think it adds to my appeal as Caitlin pointed out. Either way i go for my IV on monday and i have a chest appt right before so i'lll bring it up.

I also went Christmas shopping and there were lots of children *coughTROLLScough* roaming the mall who probably infected me. I must write the mall people a letter instructing that all children must be left at home. This is an Adults Only mall...which makes it seem dirty and that's not my intention.

Anyways, as well like Caitilin, my nose is acting up. Nice flourescent green stuff is coming out by the gallon when i blow it. Huge gobs and ugh. It's enough to make anyone vomit but what can you do.

I must celebrate with a drink.

I hope you're all well and if you're sick like me, tis the season i guess!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Out comes the Disclaimer....

I always thought these were dumb. I never wanted to do this, but here it is.


This site is not intended for anyone seeking medical advice. I am not here to give advice. I am not qualified nor am I even close to being qualified. This blog was started to merely share my experience with friends and transplant/sick friends who were going through something similar. While I appreciate that people of countless walks of life read this blog (and i truely love it), please know that I am in no position to be giving medical advice. I would truely feel wrong giving any sorts of advice to anyone seeking help.

If you need a laugh, great - you've probably come to the right place. If you want to read something from the perspective of someone who understands - awesome. But know that these are just my experiences and that the medical protocol that I follow is done through and by the advice of a liscenced practitioner

Remember that when you ask my advice - on anything, even if it's just what sites or blogs to check out - you're asking the advice of a 22 year university student who uses the F word way too much. Sometimes I feel like I should run around banging on a tin pan.

This wasn't meant to offend or hurt or discourage anyone, but as the Blog Blog owner i feel a responsibility to say that you should always ask your doctor about anything. I AM NOT QUALIFIED. Honestly, it feels rediculous that someone would trust me in this field considering the fact that i know pretty much nothing.

Anyways i need to sleep.

Good night to all, children