My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, February 28, 2011

Spinal Tapopia

Well, today was the ultra-fun Spinal Tap. It wasn't honestly that badm getting a filling hurt more. The guy said I was really nice and was a giid patient about it, and warned me that a raging headache would soon follow, which it did. Right now my lower back where the wholeis is starting to hurt so i'm off to bed. Plus, just blogging is incredibly difficult since I can barely navagate my comp coz my eyes are fucked.

Looks like I will be incarcerated until Friday. They are taking me to the neuro opthamologus Weds to see if they can see anything wrong there while we await the cultures of my spinal tap.

Yes, this fucking sucks.

So far today I've had 3 Atavans, 2 Tylenol 2 with codeine, and IV gravol since I threw up my smoothie and popcorn breakfast.

I am down to 93lbs.

The fun never ends. I'm off to sleep.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ragin' Cajun Brain Infection

There's nothing to do here

But sit and complain

In bed at the hospital

Yup, you got it: I'm in.

It's pretty clear I did have labyrinthitis, but it's since fucked off. What remains is horrid balance (I've fallen a stellar 4 times now), nausea and vomitting, and screwy vision. It wasn't getting any better so at the insistance of my parents I made an emergency doc appt yesterday and he agreed that something is up, so he called TGH, yelled at them for a bit, and they said to come down and that the people in the ER would be waiting for me.

So here I sit up in my room on the 7th, day #1 under my belt, iTunes playing. I've got a double room but no roomie, and I got the window seat so I can gaze out over downtown TO over night. I've had my shower, shaved my legs, moisturized, I've got about 5 blankets on my bed, inclined, with a tea and my TV on. I spent 2 hours throwing up this AM so got an IV dose of Gravol, and holy fuck people, it's instant the effects. You instantly pass out it was fabulous. Although as I felt my body turning into a tree stump I had to wrangle my stomach as it wasn't sure whether or not it wanted to explosive shit or excorcist style puke all over the place. So suffice it to say we made it into the bathroom and dry heaved instead.

Fun times.

I threw up poutine from last night this morning and it was fucking horrible. God it was worse than when I threw up my cyclo Friday night. Both times burned horrendously, like my stomach had a tiny pit of fire in it. But thanks to the IV Gravol that knocked me the hell out (just in time for my dad to visit!), I've been vomit-free for almost 12 hours. Yay!

So besides laying in a hospital bed all day, my dad was visiting (mum was with me yesterday and will come back tomorow). We went on a wheelychair adventure (I actually wrote "adventure" on the "destination" portion of the sign out sheet, much to my dad's impatience) to get BoosterJuice, some soap and a razor for my shower, and a spark-shock at the elevator (my dad laughed hard when it happened to me, but i laughed harder when it happened to him). Also saw lots of neuro fellows and got lots of neuro tests since they think that I've got a virus in my head that's causing the wretched balance, screwy eyes, and nausea. I'm getting an MRI tomorrow to see if they can pick up anything (like fluid from the virus), and if not I'll have the grand fortune of getting a spinal tap.

Un-yay :(

So they think there could be a few things wrong with me:
- a virus in my inner ear which is affecting my balance and eye sight and making me nauseas
- a reaction to my gastro med Maxran
- or both.

So we'll see what it ends up being! I just wanna feel better - it's been over a month and my parents go to Mexico on the 1st soooooooooooo...

Yeah, I gotta get better!

Ps I punched myself in the accessed port in the shower :( Ouch.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tomato soup

is the only thing I've kept down all day
soup preceeded by 5 tummy pills
2 maxran
2 domperidone
1 Gravol

it's been 31 minutes and i'm vomit-free
woke up to a tea
Mum to the rescue
kept it down
tried a donute
puke, puke, puke
not even an hour after taking meds
Emergency text to Alex, she let me know i'd be ok

All aft spent nauseas on the couch after feeling well enough to see the Finnesaur
Puked 2 more times in the sink
Filled it with soap as a courtesy to the famjam so my vomit wouldn't stink up the house

Internet says to drink lots of water and consume green leafy things
Dad to the rescue
Ginger Ale, brocolli, cucumber, green grapes
Grapes are the 2nd thing I've kept down since my lovely sweet soup
the taste still lingers on my lips

Belly full
TV not swimming in front of my eyes
But still
I just yearn to feel better

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Step in the Right Direction

Since my last entry things have gotten worse, with the worst two days being this past weekend. Saturday and Sunday I was incredibly dizzy and the only time things weren't moving were when i was laying in bed facing the wall. Needless to say, I hated waking up and thoroughly looked forward to when I could go to sleep and close my eyes and things stopped moving.

Sat and Sun, it didn't matter what position I sat in on the couch, everything was swimming before my eyes. Even my limbs were wiggling away. I couldn't get comfy and couldn't even use my computer.

Then yesterday showed up. Yesterday was my worst day yet. I could barely walk, and by night time I couldn't even stand straight, my body was contorting to the right and squeezing me to the ground. With a panicked call to my coordinator updating her on my state and informing her that I didn't care if they admitted me, at that point I really didn't care what happened to me, so long as it was something to get me better. I went up to bed with the help of my mum at 8pm, took a sleeping pill, and knocked myself out into blissful sleep for 13 hours.

And then today...

Today I woke up and felt a little bit better.

I can stand up straight and not wiggle.

I can walk straighter and in a straighter line and not bump into things and weave in all directions.

I can sit in any position on the couch and nothing moves.

Hopefully I've taken a step in the right direction and am getting better. Maybe I had to get really bad before I could get worse. I hope the worst is over, and I hope this virus is leaving me.

So keep your fingers crossed, knock on wood, and say a prayer my friends that I'm finally getting better!

Happy Valentine's Day:)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride...

ain't nothing gonna hold me doooooooooooown!

oh no!

i've got to keep on mooooooooooooooooooooovin'!

And so it goes...

The Euro Trip is off.

Evlyn has been sick. She lost a good portion of lung function and no matter how hard she tries, she can't seem to to get it back. Being that Contiki tours are basically all walking, it would be very difficult for her to do a trip like this, so it's been cancelled.

I'm not sad, I just want her to get better. Like I said to her, this isn't to say that we can't go at a later date, right? Plus, I'm still going to the Transplant Games in Sweden so i've got that to look forward.

This has not made me sad, in fact, I opened my Contiki book and am spying an 18 day Great Britain and Ireland trip! I'm soooooo excited at the possibilities!!! Soon I will send out a casting call on Facebook to my friends to see who is interested!

I'm proud that I'm not mulling about over a cancelled trip. Now I have a big chunk of money laying about that I can put towards a cheaper trip or something else, like a pup. I know I said I wanted Newfie, and I still do, but I've also been spying French Bulldogs b/c they're so ugly cute. I have a name picked out and it's pretty epic. Only a handful of people know what it is and let me say, it's pretty amazing!

So yeah, onward and upward!

In other news...

It's prob best (for the time being) that the trip is off, as I've had to tell my boss I need another week off. Still horrendously sick, can't really walk, my dad is forbidding me from driving, still dizzy and nauseas. Soon after I wrote my last entry I barfed. I think I barfed again after that. I've officially lost 10lbs now. Havent barfed in a few days tho, so that's good!!!

I've had 2 epic falls in under 24 hours. First came Friday night, when i got out of bed and my legs gave way beneath me before I could even process a thought. Before I knew it I was crashing through medical boxes, past my garbage can, and straight into my closet. Lucky for me I had the fortune of cracking my head off the corner of my open closet door too.

The following morning I woke up, had an amazing stretch, and then fell down the stairs. I don't even know how it happened, all I remember is that I was at the top of the stairs and the next thing I knew I was sliding on my back.

I'm a little sore today.

Friday night I had a shower and sat on the tub floor like a classy broad. I'm sure my mum was wondering what all the banging and squeaking noises were as my wet ass slid across the tub floor from above. The night before I almost fell backwards out of the tub so I figured to be on the safe side, it's probably best that I remain seated until this virus passes.

In other news: we are getting a new puppy. Casey passed away almost 9 months ago, and 2 weeks ago we got a call from our breeder that one of her dogs had had pups and that she had 2 Blue boys. A Blue Sheltie is a grey, white, and black sheltie. The girls we have are Sable (brown, blonde, white with some black, like Lassie), and Casey was a Tri (black, brown and white). We've yet to have a Blue sheltie, so this time we will be getting one.

Last Saturday we went to look at them, and being that they were only a week old, their eyes were still shut and they looked like squirrels. Blue shelties often have blue eyes. Next week my mum is going back to look at them and maybe she'll get a feel for which one she'd like. We've picked a name and settled on Seamus.

I am excited to see which one he will be and show you all pics!

I hope you're well.

Signing out from the Labyrinth,

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Yesterday was my 18 months bronch.

I threw up in the freezing room. The minute I smelled the stuff you all came up. Thanks labyrinthitis.

I got extra knocking-out stuff, and it worked. I felt the last snip and that was it.

I threw up in the recovery room. The minute I got off the bed and onto the floor to put my clothes on my stomach flipped and bleh...up came the freezing i accidentally swallowed. And apple juice.

I woke up today and got dressed, washed my face, came downstair, and bleh, threw up. Throwing up on an empty stomach is NOT fun. I just dry-heaved and brought up bile. I feel like I'm going to be sick again but can't be b/c I took meds an hour ago.


Stupid labyrinthitis and it's dizziness and upset stomachness.

I've had it for a week and a half and have lost 5lbs.

That's it.

And thanks Lene for your sweet comment! I'm glad someone understands! And no, I havent been on genta-anything but I have heard of genta poinsoning. I think what happened with me, I was just lucky enough to contract a rare virus. Yay me.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In the Labyrinth

Zombie virus be tamed!
Labyrinthitis is thy name!

So yesterday saw the first day of my 18 months post-tx assessment. And oddly enough, my lungs weren't high on the list of 'how are you doing?'

My broken head was.

After much testing, watching me walk, looking in my ears, listening to my symptoms, it was concluded that I am suffering from Labyrinthitis caused by a virus. And for those of us lucky enough to suffer from the rare disorder Labyrinthitis, it can last for weeks and cause balanace disorders, nausea, temporary hearing loss, and all that fun kinda stuff.

So...yay me! At the moment, I feel like my face is being sucked into a vortex. I keep swaying to the left even tho I'm sitting.

It's been fun.

Today it took me an hour and a half to get out of bed, and as a result I took my meds an hour late. I stumbled into the shower and contemplated sitting on the floor for it, but realized that being dizzy and wet and trying to get off the tub floor whilst dizzy and wet is a bad idea, so I was a big girl and stood for it.

What can you do tho, eh? I'm trying hard not to complain but I really hate not feeling like myself. I feel like I'm perma-tipsy and if you were to push me i'd fall flat on my ass.


In other news, there's a storm of 'historic proportions' gobbling up half of North America, mainly the whole eastern seaboard. It's supposed to start later tonight and last until tomorrow aft. We're supposed to get between 20-30cm, and seeing as I have my bronch tomorrow, dad and I are going down to TO tonight and staying in a hotel so we don't have to drive in it. The worst is to be between 6 and 8am tomorrow which is when we'd be on the road, so to be on the safe side we're going down tonight.

Yay hotels!

Tomorrow's bronch will see me requesting extra knocking-out stuff, seeing as I had the misfortune of being totally awake for my last bronch and thus seeing and watching and feeling the procedure. Something tells me I'm going to be horrendously sick after tomorrow's bronch due to a combo of labyrinthitis and all the fun stuff that comes with the wearing off of anasthetic.

Can I get a collective 'yay'?