My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Snowstorm Approacheth...

...Windy and snowy and blowy - OH MY!

According to Environment Canada and the Weathernetwork, there is a 'crippling snowstorm' headed straight for us tonight, and should be pretty bad all day tomorrow. Lucky for me, I just happen to me be leaving for TO for my eval tomorrow so we'll see what time we end up leaving! My dad didn't want to leave till like 8pm but now it looks like we're gonna have to leave in the late morning/early aft. It's supposed to be bad tomorrow and there's no way of only really knowing until we wake up! I was supposed to go out with my ladies tonight but that has been canceled b/c it's already snowing and generally pretty shitty outside. Did i mention it's -10 with a windchill of -16? Yeah...that's pretty raunchy.

The verdict is in and it looks like my comp has a 'massive virus' and may have to be completely rebuilt, so we'll see what transpires with that whole dealio. This could be my last post until I get back from my eval on Thursday! Eek! I prob won't have time to update before I leave tomorrow. Since I'm not going out tonight I may pack. Wow...pack. It's come so fast! That means I have to haul ass and bring my suitcase up 2 flights of stairs. How will i ever do that? Oh well....we shall see...

Today and I went on another baking extravaganza in my kitchen. I MADE A CAKE! The official name for said cake is Chocolate Make Over Cake and i made it ALL FROM SCRATCH! Woo hoo go me!!!! It's 2 round pan cakes and you put whipped cream on top of one, and stack the other on top, and then cover the whole cake with whipped cream. The cake is chocolate and needless to say when i devoured the spoon I was quite anxious to eat this special creation. I will have to wait till tomorrow. It's my "Go Me - Transplant Evaluation" cake. I'm not lying. I topped it with strawberries. I took pics and will post when i get my comp back (hopefully soon!). My dad licked the bowl much to my shock. Not just a section of bowl - the WHOLE bowl. My head screamed, "BUT I WANTED TO LICK IT!" but what can you do?

That's about it for now, honestly, unless I can think of something else to write later on. I most likely will not get on until Thurs so have a good week and wish me luck! WOOOOO!


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