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Thursday, December 27, 2007

If it's not Tetley's, it's CRAAAAAAP


So i went to make a cup of tea tonight only to discover my sister finished my Earl Grey. MINE MINE MINE!*jumps up and down* so needless to say when my dad went grocery shopping he wrote it on the list b/c i was so distraught and on the verge of dying from withdrawl. He came home and i discovered they didn't have the right tea *tear*:( He got Earl Grey but it was TWINNINGS. Don't get me wrong - i like Twinnings, but only English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast. Earl Grey is best made my Tetley, but i guess Zehrs didn't have any.

Needless to say when i pulled the yellow box from the shopping bag my heart sank as i new yellow meant 'decaffinated'. I checked the taste strength and it was 2 leaves out of 5. Again, dispair. I attempted to try it but it was so lemony my heart sank and I dumped it out and had Irish Breakfast, but my heart was so broken I gave up and walked away:( Sorry Dad...

My sister shocked me when i saw she got All Bran cereal. All Bran with 'psylluim fibre!'(thanks, Regis) Not only does it have psyllium fibre but it's HIGH IN FIBRE. So high apparently that it looks like rabbit shit piled up in a bowl. For real. It made me question what makes it so appealing. I guess it you consumed something that looked like shit, it would only encourage you to do the same.

Um what else? I went shopping today and slowed my sister and mum down. I bought 2 pairs of jeans and felt good about myself. I have been really tired the last couple of days and I don't know why...but i'm assuming it's b/c my sleep is off.

My precious Zoey got stuck in a plastic bag today and was running throughout the house. Poor baby stayed under my parents bed all day and then sat on my lap all night. For once, she needs her mummy! Thank god people were here to rescue her and she flew through the place bc she was quite scared. The only good thing is that she probably burnt some much needed calories since she's so fat. But i love her regardless of her burgeoning pot belly.

I just finished eating the grossest, biggest candycane in the world. It was so fucking disgusting that i choked and spit it out. It seems I can only tolerate a little bit of candy-caneness at a time b/c it gets completely disgusting. I also think that i consumed a little bit of the plastic that was on it. Joy.
Anyways that's about it.

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