My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, December 7, 2007

Out comes the Disclaimer....

I always thought these were dumb. I never wanted to do this, but here it is.


This site is not intended for anyone seeking medical advice. I am not here to give advice. I am not qualified nor am I even close to being qualified. This blog was started to merely share my experience with friends and transplant/sick friends who were going through something similar. While I appreciate that people of countless walks of life read this blog (and i truely love it), please know that I am in no position to be giving medical advice. I would truely feel wrong giving any sorts of advice to anyone seeking help.

If you need a laugh, great - you've probably come to the right place. If you want to read something from the perspective of someone who understands - awesome. But know that these are just my experiences and that the medical protocol that I follow is done through and by the advice of a liscenced practitioner

Remember that when you ask my advice - on anything, even if it's just what sites or blogs to check out - you're asking the advice of a 22 year university student who uses the F word way too much. Sometimes I feel like I should run around banging on a tin pan.

This wasn't meant to offend or hurt or discourage anyone, but as the Blog Blog owner i feel a responsibility to say that you should always ask your doctor about anything. I AM NOT QUALIFIED. Honestly, it feels rediculous that someone would trust me in this field considering the fact that i know pretty much nothing.

Anyways i need to sleep.

Good night to all, children

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