My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Times 2010

From Tylers Place of Awesomeness...

The Finnesaur - he's a Court Joker

Krystal was a tiger and I was a Renaissance Queen

Getting Knighted by DJ the Zombie

Have a good'un, children!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Peasant Food

I like peasant food.

Simple things, like nuts, cheese and apple, cheese and bread, grapes and cheese...squirrel food essentially. I like creating soups and stews with random things. I like oatmeal. All peasant food.

On tonight's menu is beer stew with french bread. It smells miraculous, and would be even better if it was bitterly cold out, with gusty winds and shit flying by my window, like small animals and scrawny helpless children.

But alas, it's 19, and sunny, and the winds are gusting at roughly 50k (figure it out yourselves, americans)

We were allegedly supposed to get a weather bomb yesterday, which the Weathernetwork once again lied to me about, got my hopes up, and not a shred of destruction to be spotted. I even slept with my blind all the way up in anticipation of being awoken in the wee hours of the morning by a tree snapping in half and breaking through the side of someone's house. But no. Nothing happened.

To be fair, it is windy out, but not the 80-100K they promised/lied about. What can you do? We are owed a storm, since summer offered us nothing.


I was in the mall yesterday buying a hairpeice for Halloween. I'm being a renaissance queen and the costume is brilliant, albeit 2 sizes too big. It's rented and a size 2, and it hangs off me and makes me look like a house. It has a crown and I've been fiddling around with make up for it. I am tres excited.

While I galavanted around the mall i stopped by North by Northwest and spotted a pair of snowpants. They were $75. Yay for being small and wearing children's wear sometimes. I must get them soon before someone else does and I'm forced to pay regular people prices.

I just remembered that I need to get blood taken for TGH sometime this week. And I could barely get out of bed this morning (distraughtness due to lack of weather bomb notwithstanding) because I felt like a zombie. It was then that I realized I forgot to do my injection yesterday and as a result must do 2 today.

If i remember.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A' Transplant Gathering We Will Go

Carol hosted a transplant Thanksgiving gathering last night at her swanky place. Most of my pre-tx cronies (who are now post) were there. Remember Deb, Dave, Carol and all them? Well, now you can 'meet' these lovely peeps of mine. I didn't get a shot of Don because he was busy being useful and helping clean up while I was busy snatching pictures with people and standing on couch tops to get them due to shortness. Also, the sassy lady with the bright red hair is Justine Laymond who i've been chatting to on Facebook for years and she is on a trip here in Canada and attended our shindig!

Me and Deb - we go to lunch a lot. She's a rockstar and I love her.

Me and Carol! We got listed 2 days apart and met in the support group room. She got her tx the day Michael Jackson died. We often speculate that she got his, but now that I know how incredibly fucked he was, I hope she got someone elses.

Me and Justine!!!!!!! She says I have a 'strong accent'. I beg to differ.

And of course, Dave *said with Scottish accent* This is Scottish Dave, and he's the absolute best.

Pre-Transplant Gathering, gathering.

Today will consist of me being lazy, being held prisoner by the couch and absolutely forbidden to move. Although, I had to go to the Brit shop to buy tea, which made me go to Pier one to hunt for highly-covetted tea mugs the size of soup bowls, which i found. So i bought 2, and then a 3rd big much because it had lady bugs on it and reminded me of spring time.
What a crippling addiction to have...

Monday, October 18, 2010




Usually I fucking hate winter. From Nov-Feb all you hear is me complain about how much I hate it, and how miserable I am, and when the hell will it warm up, and I want the snow to die, and yada yada yada, but this year my friends, I am excited.

Why you ask? BECAUSE I'M GOING TO TAKE UP CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING. Which means I have to buy snowpants. Which excites me.

Like these ones:

Debating between the purple or the yellow.

Also, i will need said snowpants for dog walking, since I won't be doing myself any favours by walking dogs in -10*C weather some days, when I'll just be wanting to be inside because I'm at risk of freezing my legs off.

SO weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! This also means I'll have to acquire a pair of cross-country skiis. I'll go with used, since I'm not a pro. I'm just excited to be doing something. Frigging god I love being active.

I have a distinctive memory as a kid of looking out our front window in the middle of a snowstorm and seeing people cross-country skiing down the street. The snow was so bright that outside looked pink and everything was glowing. All i remember thinking was how fun it looked and how much I wanted to try. Well, now that I'm well I'm going to do it. I will NOT hate this winter. I will keep active. I will find enjoyment in it the way a true Canadian should!

*beams with unnecessary barf-worthy pride*

Um what the hell else?

OH YES: i've decided on a thing to do for the WTG!!!!!!!!!!!! The 3K walk. Alice will be doing it, so there is no need for me to not out-walk her. And push her off the course and into the Swedish bush.

I think that's it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The bearer of


Grab your cats, and your hats, and your dogs and your frogs, because I just got a call from my coordinator with good news!


wait for it


wait for it


wait for it




Skip, hop, and knock a small child over. I'm soooooooooooo elated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They never really told me what said spot was, but it sounds like it most likely is one of their probable postulations from 2 months ago: just a spot that some people have. From what I gather, it most likely can be compared to a mole. Not necessarily harmful, but should be watched. So I will get another CT at my 18 months assessment.


Does this not make you want to punch a kid in the face? YES!!!!!! Jesus and adding a boxing glove to enhance the impact just fills me with incredible, soul-soaring joy.

In other non-kid-punching news, work is busy! Got lots of dogs to walk, lots of personal requests for ME to walk specific dogs, and I'm loving it to bits! Would you beleive that i LIKE waking up at 6:45am as opposed to sleeping in? My day gets started earlier and I get more accomplished. I feel useful. Needed. Worthy. These special creatures love me. It's awesome.

What else? I have a midtern on Thurs. I think I should do ok as I know what to study have hours to do so. So that's good. I just want it done with.

Halloween goodness is coming up. I'm being a Renaissance person. I have a costume and will post epic pics.

I think that's it.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Of Medication and Fuck Ups

Panic! In the pill box!

Saturday morning I forgot to take my meds.

Morning meds are the important meds because they have all of your anti-rejection meds.
And me, having a brain fuck up, forgot to take them.
Every Saturday morning I sit down on my bed (or Friday night if i'm feeling ambitious) and I fill my pill box, and my injection box. I guess I filled my pill box Saturday morning and fucked off afterwards, completely forgetting that pills must be taken.
So it was a shock to me when I went upstairs at 9 this morning to take my meds and saw that Tuesday's box was empty.
I thought maybe I had taken this mornings pills lastnight by accident, but last nights pills were gone.
So where did they fuck off to?
I dunno.
After much internal panic, floor searching, facebook-statusing, it has been mentally concluded that perhaps I didn't miss Saturday mornings pills, but maybe I just took the wrong day instead (ie. took Sunday mornings pills on Saturday morning instead). This would account for today's missing pills, because Saturdays pills are still there, and if I take them today, I will still have 3 days worth of AM pills.
So maybe this fuck up wasn't a fuck up at all. Maybe it was my brain being stupid or something.
I must go bash my head against the wall.