My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, December 28, 2007


Can the internet really only take you so far? I truely believe i've reached the end of the internet as far as my interests go. I sit here, bored out of my gord waiting for Tara to come over. She's not coming over to watch a movie until 7:30 or 8 so until then I have to sit and wait, and entertain myself.

So far, it's pretty boring.

I am watching an Evanescence DVD to keep myself occupied. I ironically just listened to "Breathe No More" and now it's "My Immortal". That song is really personal to me b/c I listened to it 7 times the day Karyn died - before I even knew she had passed. I kept replaying and replaying "I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone" and I didn't even know she had died yet. It was weird. I sat there and cried as i listened to it, not knowing my friend had already left...Needless to say, it takes a lot of guts for me to listen to this song. I don't generally voluntarily listen to it b/c it makes me sad. For the longest time I beleived this song was an omen.

In other news.....nothing. There is really nothing for me to report. It's kinda windy out but when isn't it? I went shopping and got a lot of stuff from Zellers. Tomorrow I am helping Jess paint Jocelyn's room and today i recieved my official invite to The Child's birthday! I think i'm going to get her an Elmo stuffed animal since she's obsessed with him. I'm not gonna lie: i knew I was invited regardless of if i hadn't yet been asked.

Ermmmm........i pulled a back muscle coughing. Joy of all joys. At first I thought it was kidney pain but realized that I didn't really have a reason to have kidney pain since i didn't fall on my kidney or anything. I wasn't randomly punched in the kidney area nor was i impaled with anything. I came to the conclusion upon coughing a lot that COUGHING was the most likely culprit for my pain and for that I am taking acetominophen since I also have a headache and i bit my cheek really hard. Not just hard but really really hard. So hard i felt a 'squish' and then a 'crunch' and every since i've been wary of food.

That's about it for now children. No lung news really. Someone asked me if I was sick and I said honestly, i feel like such shit all the time that I wouldn't know if i was. True, I've been coughing more so maybe I should check it out but i'm lazy so we'll see. I guess I'll sit here in my sweatpants and stare at the clock.

Have a good Friday, peeps.

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