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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Computer is Broken:(

Great, just fucking great.

My computer is broken. It's been acting like a bastard the last couple of months on me - on and off- and I thought i'd do is a humungus favour lastnight by deleting a bunch of shit and uninstalling programs that i never use. Did that help? NO. Did it help at all?NO. It just made things even MORE slow. Needless to say, after much swearing and screaming and huffing and puffing, I called it a night and thought I'd retry for the morning. I tried, and it was slower than an old person forcing out a bowel movement. It wouldn't budge. Constipated little fuck. I called some guy my mum works with, who knows his computer stuff (afterall he's the one who configured mine) and low and behold at 3pm this aft I took Old Faithful in and it's getting looked at.

I kept getting all these stupid msgs, it would freeze and shut off and give me a blue screen saying "Machine Check" or w/e it said. I don't know coz i didn't read it thoroughly. I tried safe mode which wasn't helpful. It made me want to scrape the freckles off my skin it was so slow. Then it wouldn't even shut off. Not if i commanded it to, and not if i manually pushed the button in. I actually had to climb under my desk like a bush woman and pull the cord myself. Ugh. Oi. Frustrating.

So here I am writing on my mum's laptop, so i'm not completely without. Still...I hope it's just a minor problem and it gets fixed soon!

Lastnight my mum was banging away with her little elf hammer putting new cushions on our dining room chairs. My dad put steel wool under my sink to keep the mice out, but i advised since Zoey was still acting weird to put a trap under just incase. So far, no goodies. Maybe the steel wool worked....

What else? Oh yes - TRANSPLANT EVAL IN 4 DAYS! HOLY CRAP! And FYI Wednesday I'm done tests at around 11am and my dad and I just may check out the Dinosaur exhibit. That's right I said it. I can't wait. No photos but we'll see i'll manage something. WOO HOO!

It's snowy and wet and blowy today. It's very pretty and Christmasy-like. I went to my nana and papa's for lunch today and as I was leaving their condo, i saw that the snow flakes were huge and had soddened my car. I muttered "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkk" under my breath, knowing little that to my right on a bench were 4 old people looking at me like I had taken the lord's name in vain. This only made me say "shiiiiiit" to myself but i refrained from vocally saying it lest i offend them again.

That's about it really. I thought i'd post this in case my comp takes a while. Hopefully, it doesn't. If not, it's not the end of the world I guess. Lord knows what the world would do without me shall i disappear from cyberspace for a few days!

Cheers Sillies,

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