My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ummmm.....scary moments

So, I had a scary moment driving home from Katey's tonight. I had just finished dropping Krystal off at her place and was driving idlely along, not paying attention to the speed limit and not looking in my side mirrors. I wasn't speeding - a 93 Ford Tempo can only go so fast - so i wasn't breaking any laws. But you know when it's just you and the open city road late at night, with that shitty disco club crap music they play on the radio stations? Well, I kinda got lost in my own world. I looked in my rearview mirror and left side mirror and there was no one behind me. Checked a couple of times more and still no other drivers.....but then, out of no where, on my last check there IS a car. Not just ANY car, but a COP CAR.

Immediately I slowed my already slow speed down to 40km/h (even tho I'm sure the limit was 50). I wasn't taking chances. I didn't know what to do I was freaking out. I hate how cop cars make you feel like you're doing something completely wrong when you know you're not!

Either way, I calmed myself down and stopped at the red light...and went when it turned green. The cop car sped right past me and didn't give a shit. It made me laugh tho, when halfway down the hill, it snuck up on an unsuspecting car and all I see are sudden brake lights going on when there's no need to be. Good to see I'm not the only who shits my pants at times like that...much like 2 weeks ago when I was driving home around 7pm and the car behind me suddenly had sirens rage on and my heart stopped. It was one of those moments when you see all the drivers look at eachother and mentally plead "What do i do?!" even though you know the answer is "pull over" but maybe somewhere, there's an exception to speed the hell up and get the fuck out of the way.

Oh police officers, you scare me so.

Anywho, eval has now passed and it's nothing but CHRISTMASY TIME! WOO HOO! I'm excited b/c i have no commitments and I can lounge in sweatpants and look completely disgusting. I love it. I DO however have to clean my room and vaccume and dust but oh well. I am feeling a little shitty which is daunting, b/c for my eval i felt better than usual and i'm wondering now if i was running on adrenaline and it's all catching up to me.

Let's hope!

I have nothing else interesting left tonight. So....goodnight.

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BreathinSteven said...

Hey You!!!

I almost had to chuckle when I read your last note about your lung capacity going from 29% to 34% and worrying that you may now be too healthy to be considered...

The things we worry about when we're going through this will hopefully be amusing in later years with our new lungs... I mean, you went to totally miserable lung function from absolutely miserable lung function -- but we're worried that it's no longer good enough...

I really do think that it probably did have a lot to do with adernaline, Bree... You were geared up for a big adventure and your body helps out to make sure you survive it -- it's one of them "let's all work together" things that gets us through life...

I'm quite certain that your lungs still suck -- and I'm quite certain that they know that... Your lungs are simply not compatible with long term life -- and you need them to help deliver a precious gift from a special person and family... I'm quite sure they'll be helping to make those arrangements soon enough...

And, I think it's totally common to physically / healthwise crash after a week like you've had -- I had the same experience with every holiday... All geared up to spend a wonderful day with family and friends, and I'd honestly feel quite good with them -- then I'd be wiped out for the better part of a week afterwards... I'm sure you experienced something similar. You're not thinking this way, but in a very real way, it's like the day after you've run a marathon...

In the meanwhile -- hang in there buckaroo... I hope you have a wonderful Christmas... I hope you don't have any more adventures with the law... (even though they passed you by!)