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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas Happy Boxing Day it's Almost 2008!

Holy Schnickies! 6 more days till 2008! WOW!

How was your Christmas? Mine was excellent, thanx! Today I hit up the stores for Boxing Day deals and scored myself a new digital camera since my old one is CRAAAAAAAAAAAP. The people at Future Shop actually laughed when I showed them my Kodak Easy Share camera. It's been dropped, smashed, smooshed, spilt on (booze - thanks Krystal), banged, smeared - anything you can think of, it's had it happened to. The sales person said it's been dropped so much b/c it's so heavy. Heavy peice of shit, i'm glad I got a new one! WOO HOO!

I am feeling slightly chubby from all the festivities. I know that after the holidays anyways 5lbs of it will come off - it always happens since the food supply is vastly smaller and much more limited. Cheese balls have been both my friend and enemy this Christmas. Katey's mum makes a killer cheeseball: it's both spreadable and delicious. The cheeseball WE have isn't spreadable and when you apply pressure to induce the spreadation of cheese, the cracker promptly cracks and breaks and crumbles all over the floor. I can't count the many Christmas "fucks!" i screamed this holiday season as Ritz cracker spread all over me. Oh well....

It WAS a white Christmas this year! YAY! After almost 12 years - we had snow! And not just a smattering but actual SNOW! YAY! We woke up today and it was foggy (as it is now) and there was ice hanging off the tree limbs. It was odd and beautiful.

Ummmmmmm...........what else? I can't think of much else to write. My counter at the bottom of this page isn't showing up which I am quite distraught about. I will not lie that it's the first thing I look at when i read my blog next to scoping out comments *coughLEAVEEMcough*. So i can't see it which means i cannot see how many views i've had:( If it disappears I will be sad and just may crawl into a hole and live with sweatpants on for the rest of my life.

And some oxygen.

Anyways I better go. My mum just informed me she created an after-Christmas dinner by putting everything from yesterday together (leftovers 'like layers - it looks pretty!').


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BreathinSteven said...

Boxing Day -- always loved that whole idea! At work (in the financial markets) it was always a sticking point with our counterparts in West Canada -- we had to force them to bring one of their poor schumcks in for the day to address their potential liabilities in our securities markets... They would tell us they would not be available on Boxing Day as it was a holiday in Canada -- we would say, WHAT day?!? You must be joking, in our typical, crass American way and tell them to get someone's fanny in there to answer the phone...

Of course, we would close up shop on July 4 and tell them that no one will be here because it's a "real" holiday...

Love the cheese balls story -- where do they come from, older cows?

And sorry the layered leftovers sounds Ew to you -- really, what's it like -- some kinda bizarre lasagna? It actually sounds kinda neat to me!

I know chicks are kinda averse to this thought -- but you might want to try keeping those 5 lbs -- it's good insurance for your upcoming battle!

Hang in there, buckaroo... I guess you'll have to mentally add one to your counter...