My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Joy to the World

Joy to the World
Sickness has come
My lungs
Are full
Of crap!

Physio is useless
I want to scream my head off
And cough and cough I do
And cough and cough I do

And couuuuuugh
And coooouuuuuugh
And cough I do

Joy to the World
I have chest pain
I'm probably sick!

I want to punch myself a lot
And clear out the infection spots
But punching really hurts
It sometimes makes me burp

So i ammmmmmm
Just going to sit here
And give

Alrighty there you have it - my Christmas Phlegm song. I figured this would happen. I'm on Zithro and in the summer it completely took the inflammation and cough away. Now that it's cold and frozen outside i think my infections decided it was time to wake up. Like a long ago volcano that's been domant since its last eruption. My throat has been sore/irritated feeling the last couple of days. My voice is weird and scratchy, and my chest is sore feeling. I'm junky sounding and coughing huge gobs of chest jewels up. It's radient. I think it adds to my appeal as Caitlin pointed out. Either way i go for my IV on monday and i have a chest appt right before so i'lll bring it up.

I also went Christmas shopping and there were lots of children *coughTROLLScough* roaming the mall who probably infected me. I must write the mall people a letter instructing that all children must be left at home. This is an Adults Only mall...which makes it seem dirty and that's not my intention.

Anyways, as well like Caitilin, my nose is acting up. Nice flourescent green stuff is coming out by the gallon when i blow it. Huge gobs and ugh. It's enough to make anyone vomit but what can you do.

I must celebrate with a drink.

I hope you're all well and if you're sick like me, tis the season i guess!

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