My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Step in the Right Direction

Since my last entry things have gotten worse, with the worst two days being this past weekend. Saturday and Sunday I was incredibly dizzy and the only time things weren't moving were when i was laying in bed facing the wall. Needless to say, I hated waking up and thoroughly looked forward to when I could go to sleep and close my eyes and things stopped moving.

Sat and Sun, it didn't matter what position I sat in on the couch, everything was swimming before my eyes. Even my limbs were wiggling away. I couldn't get comfy and couldn't even use my computer.

Then yesterday showed up. Yesterday was my worst day yet. I could barely walk, and by night time I couldn't even stand straight, my body was contorting to the right and squeezing me to the ground. With a panicked call to my coordinator updating her on my state and informing her that I didn't care if they admitted me, at that point I really didn't care what happened to me, so long as it was something to get me better. I went up to bed with the help of my mum at 8pm, took a sleeping pill, and knocked myself out into blissful sleep for 13 hours.

And then today...

Today I woke up and felt a little bit better.

I can stand up straight and not wiggle.

I can walk straighter and in a straighter line and not bump into things and weave in all directions.

I can sit in any position on the couch and nothing moves.

Hopefully I've taken a step in the right direction and am getting better. Maybe I had to get really bad before I could get worse. I hope the worst is over, and I hope this virus is leaving me.

So keep your fingers crossed, knock on wood, and say a prayer my friends that I'm finally getting better!

Happy Valentine's Day:)


Chandler said...

Wow! This dizzy thing is really hanging on! Hopefully, the worst is over for you Bree. Get well sooooon!!

Jess said...

Hope it continues to go away! That's such a weird thing

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