My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tomato soup

is the only thing I've kept down all day
soup preceeded by 5 tummy pills
2 maxran
2 domperidone
1 Gravol

it's been 31 minutes and i'm vomit-free
woke up to a tea
Mum to the rescue
kept it down
tried a donute
puke, puke, puke
not even an hour after taking meds
Emergency text to Alex, she let me know i'd be ok

All aft spent nauseas on the couch after feeling well enough to see the Finnesaur
Puked 2 more times in the sink
Filled it with soap as a courtesy to the famjam so my vomit wouldn't stink up the house

Internet says to drink lots of water and consume green leafy things
Dad to the rescue
Ginger Ale, brocolli, cucumber, green grapes
Grapes are the 2nd thing I've kept down since my lovely sweet soup
the taste still lingers on my lips

Belly full
TV not swimming in front of my eyes
But still
I just yearn to feel better