My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A' Transplant Gathering We Will Go

Carol hosted a transplant Thanksgiving gathering last night at her swanky place. Most of my pre-tx cronies (who are now post) were there. Remember Deb, Dave, Carol and all them? Well, now you can 'meet' these lovely peeps of mine. I didn't get a shot of Don because he was busy being useful and helping clean up while I was busy snatching pictures with people and standing on couch tops to get them due to shortness. Also, the sassy lady with the bright red hair is Justine Laymond who i've been chatting to on Facebook for years and she is on a trip here in Canada and attended our shindig!

Me and Deb - we go to lunch a lot. She's a rockstar and I love her.

Me and Carol! We got listed 2 days apart and met in the support group room. She got her tx the day Michael Jackson died. We often speculate that she got his, but now that I know how incredibly fucked he was, I hope she got someone elses.

Me and Justine!!!!!!! She says I have a 'strong accent'. I beg to differ.

And of course, Dave *said with Scottish accent* This is Scottish Dave, and he's the absolute best.

Pre-Transplant Gathering, gathering.

Today will consist of me being lazy, being held prisoner by the couch and absolutely forbidden to move. Although, I had to go to the Brit shop to buy tea, which made me go to Pier one to hunt for highly-covetted tea mugs the size of soup bowls, which i found. So i bought 2, and then a 3rd big much because it had lady bugs on it and reminded me of spring time.
What a crippling addiction to have...

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Bitter_Angel said...

Ah you should move over here, surrounded by tea, yet I dont drink it.