My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Of Medication and Fuck Ups

Panic! In the pill box!

Saturday morning I forgot to take my meds.

Morning meds are the important meds because they have all of your anti-rejection meds.
And me, having a brain fuck up, forgot to take them.
Every Saturday morning I sit down on my bed (or Friday night if i'm feeling ambitious) and I fill my pill box, and my injection box. I guess I filled my pill box Saturday morning and fucked off afterwards, completely forgetting that pills must be taken.
So it was a shock to me when I went upstairs at 9 this morning to take my meds and saw that Tuesday's box was empty.
I thought maybe I had taken this mornings pills lastnight by accident, but last nights pills were gone.
So where did they fuck off to?
I dunno.
After much internal panic, floor searching, facebook-statusing, it has been mentally concluded that perhaps I didn't miss Saturday mornings pills, but maybe I just took the wrong day instead (ie. took Sunday mornings pills on Saturday morning instead). This would account for today's missing pills, because Saturdays pills are still there, and if I take them today, I will still have 3 days worth of AM pills.
So maybe this fuck up wasn't a fuck up at all. Maybe it was my brain being stupid or something.
I must go bash my head against the wall.

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