My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Simple Kinda Life

I've been thinking.

As I usually do.

And once again I've come to this conclusion: i want a simple kinda life.

I need to stop comparing myself to those around me, because by doing so, I am just left feeling like a total loser who's going nowhere in life.

While I have friends my age who are going ahead, doing jobs they went to school for, or are on their way there, I need to just stop comparing my (so far) lack of success, to theirs.

So what if i have a friend who's a designer, my sister's a teacher, my friends who are teachers as well, or who generally, have better jobs than me - or jobs at all. It will all come in time.

Do i want to go to school for my masters? No. Not really. I'm kind've over the school dealio to be honest. I'm not academically inclined in the least.

So maybe, just maybe, I will follow through and eventually open my own little tea shop, get a dog and live in a modest little stone house.

A simple kinda life. I like it.

Who cares if i don't own a raging successful business, or become a CEO or something massive like i feel compelled to do. I need to do what makes me happy. And if saving up to firstly, go on my Euro Trip with Evlyn, and secondly, save up for a dog, and thirdly, work anywhere to save up for my own little shop, why the hell not. I just have a vision of myself living alone ( i want to get married but doubt there's anyone out there for me for some reason. Who knows tho?), with my Newfoundland dog, together, in a little stone house, with a massive garden all around in the country, being the cool aunt to my sisters kids when she has them.

Maybe i'm just retarded. Who knows.


Yesterday was spent all day with Jenna. Yes, Jenna who fled to the Wilderness. She was only back here for a day before going up to Ottawa and then Niagara to see her bfs fam jam for a week, but it was great to see her nonetheless. We spent from 9am - 1:30am together, having breakfast, mall walking, lunch, downtown touring, Bollywood Bistro-ing, and then Bowling with everyone to cap off the night. It was grand.

Tomorrow, me, Katey, Krystal, and Elwood are seeing Lady Gaga in concert! AHH! This revelation elicited a loud "FUCK YOU BREE!" from DJ at the bowling alley last night, because he wants to see her "so bad", so bad to the point that he'd ask his grandma for $500 to get tickets from a scalper. Who knows? Will we see him there in all his glory?

So that's all for today. I like dreaming, and hope to make this a reality. I'm off to read then take the girls to the park. I'm also talking to my friend who just told me a schizophrenic is roaming his street up and down, so I told him to call the humane society just to be safe.

Au revoir.


Kerri said...

Bree, good for you! Follow your dreams! (That sounds super corny, but it's true!)
I could totally see you running a cute little tea shoppe.
Also, you got a double lung transplant! I can't believe that you're even up and about, let alone saying that you have a "lack of success". Most people would have given up long ago! But you're so positive!
And I just have to say that I am super impressed and inspired by everything you have accomplished.

p.s. Let's go for tea someday when I'm in Guelph!

Amy said...

you should call your tea shop the tea rose ;)

Piper said...

Personally, I think your vision for yourself sounds absolutely lovely. There's something about going through illness and transplant and everything else we deal with that makes you really appreciate that there's a lot more to life than commercial success. Do what you love, celebrate life, and anyone who doesn't appreciate that can just fuck off. Plus bringing people the simple pleasure of a perfect cup of tea is definitely a way to make the world a better, more pleasant place!

I think you're amazing -- simple life and all.