My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So Sunday night saw me, Katey, Krystal hauling ass on a 4:10 Greyhound to TO to meet up with Elwood so we could venture over to the ACC to see the one and only, fabulous, LADY GAGA!
As seen from above, (as telling as 5 pictures can be) we had a blast! If you love Lady Gaga and ever get the chance to go see her: GO! She is even better live than on her record. She sings all her songs live and has an amazing voice and is just full of so much energy and everything! Katey and i bought t-shirts too, woo hoo! The concert ended at 11pm and saw us cavorting down Yonge street passed Union Station, taxi cab after taxi cab, hoards of people and the like, and finally to a cab driver who had no idea where the bus station was. *rolls eyes*
Clearly, we made it home. And i'd do it all again. There were lots of stairs at the ACC and i did all of them and was never once out of breath. WOO HOO! People were dressed outrageously and it was fabulous, and my friend asked me what i wore. I told him i dressed like a muppet.
What else? Sunday morning also saw me waking up with horrible pain in my lower left lung. And coughing up brown/slightly bloody goo. But it only lasted sporadically throughout the morning and stopped. But there was this horrible taste that accompanied it: rotten cauliflower. Ugh. So gross. Monday I woke up fine, but had that horrible taste whenever i breathed out, so i bit the bullet and called my doc and got in for today at 4:30. Today i woke up and coughed and there was nothing, but then some more brown spots showed up, same as the gross rotten cauliflower taste, and pain in the same spot. I dunno what it could be. I'll prob be put on antibiotics, that's for almost certain, but i don't feel sick, and i'm not out of breath, and i don't have a fever or anything so...
It has been really hot this last week - and humid, and i'm wondering if maybe that made things occur? because in all my x-rays there has been a small spot of mucus in the bottom of my left lung, which is where this is coming the humidity stir it up? Who knows? I feel wonderful either way, have been walking, hiking, biking, not out of breath so...
AAAAAAAAAAAND as always, the stupid anemia *scowl* which can cause you to bleed in bizarre places so who knows? I'm a mess. I'm falling apart. Must be sewn up to be kept together.

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Kerry said...

I saw Lady Gaga in May at the o2 in London! She is absolutely amazing and I would pay any money to see her again!!! x