My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, July 5, 2010

Like woah!

WOW! Lots to write about!

Where to start? *scratches chin philosophically*

I'll start with the good/weird.

I had a dream this morning that I got a second lung transplant. I went in for a regular appointment and the next thing I know they tell me that I need another pair of lungs, so i'm immediately re-listed and the next thing i know is they tell me, "we have a pair of lungs for you". A pair that is apparently better than the ones i already have? So i'm wheeled in, get the surgery, recover uber fast and have no pain or anything. I was only out of surgery for like, an hour and I was completely lucid and had no pain and was walking and everything. The next week after surgery i'm at a baseball game pitching windmill and told myself i probably shouldn't be using my arms so violently b/c of my incision/sternum (i used to pitch). THEN me and the fam jam end up in New York at the top of the Empire State Building and we're doing the stairs and it's effortless, but it was in the middle of a terrorist attack or something?

Anyways, point is: i got another lung tx. How weird.

But even weirder is this: i got a text from Alex this morning telling me that our friend Hattie got the call for lungs! She was wheeled into surgery about 15 minutes ago! How crazy? Did i intuitively know? Mayhaps!

But I also beleive that this dream interplays with a fear of mine: a fear that I could get sick again at any point and not realize that i'm sick. Does that make sense? That i'll get sick and not recognize it? And be caught off guard? I hope not. Blah.

Either way: woooooooooooo spidey senses!

And speaking of spidey...I had to take the Heidi-Speidi to the vet today. Heidi has been assigned the new name of Pee-pee cat, since lately she's taken to randomly peeing everywhere.

Here are some examples: the hall mat, the kitchen mat, the laundry room mat, the bathroom mat, the family room carpet, the living room mat, my mum's fur coat, and inside my favourite ever purse. To name a few.

So off to the vet the Pee-pee cat and i went at 8:45 this morning. I always feel a little embarassed when i take her to the vet b/c she's so scraggly/homeless looking. I can brush her all i want but she still looks that way. She's always looked like this, no matter how much i brush her. And she's got bare pink patches above her eye that have always been there. And she has random scratches on her face from her nails and Zoey being mean to her. Oh, and she gets sleepers in her eyes too and they tend to run down her face, but i had the forethought to clean her face up before presenting her to the veterinary world lest i be seen as a horrible pet owner who doesn't give a shit about their precious cat.

Anywho. The bill came to $326. Thanks stupid HST! $326 and all they did was blood work (gereatric screening), an overall exam, and urine sample.

So far, here is the verdict:

She has really bad teeth.

She is 2lbs underweight.

She has a heart murmur.

And a mishapen iris.


My poor Heidi-Speidi. My poor, old, decrepit Heidi-Speidi.

So now we sit and wait until the blood results come back. I looked on the age chart in the examination room and saw that a feline of 16 years is 80 human year. Which is a funny thing because i love my cat to peices, but i'm not overly fond of old humans.


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