My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All Good Things Must Come to an End


So i went to the docs yesterday to see what was up. There was a small amount of brown goo in the morning but it was like, dots of it. Of course. So off I went, and the doc figured it most likely was a mucus plug since I had isolated pain, and the brown goo had more or less subsided. Temp was good, wasn't short of breath, PFTs at home were steady....

Either way, i was prescribed 10 days of Avelox antibitiocs.

But of course, being a tx-er, it's not that simple. I got 3 requisitions: 1 for goo sample containers to bottle up any precious brown goo that i may harbour; a second req for an x-ray; and a 3rd req for PFTs. All of this of course will be faxed to TGH and compared with all my previous results.

So far, no results. But one.

My PFTs.

They are down.

To 79%.

Which i don't understand, since i'm not out of breath and i feel fine. It could be totally due to the fact that all machines vary, but who knows. Either way, i'm bummed out and the person who i don't want to tell is my dad, b/c he'll sigh and get all huffy and worry and it gives off the impression that it's my fault. Just thinking of it pisses me off.

The only good thing that's happened to me today is the discovery at the PFT place that i've lost 2lbs.

This effing sucks.

My doc called me with the results of my x-ray: PNEUMONIA.

I've never been so elated in my life. One would think your heart would sink upon being informed that they have pneumonia, but rather, mine lifted, so high that it actually sprinkled happiness on other people. I want to kick babies, throw myself against walls, eat a lot, and scream as loud as possible in celebration. BECAUSE IT'S NOT REJECTION IT'S JUST PNEUMONIA WHICH CAN BE TREATED WITH MY LITTLE ANTIBIOTIC FRIEND CALLED AVELOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jess said...

Hahah, it does seem strange to celebrate that, but yay!!