My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Inducer of Poo

Poo and You!

It's no secret that crappy stupid iron pills and me do not get along, and will never be friends, or get married, but the shitty truth is (no pun intended), is that my iron levels are 75 when they should be 120 so i have to take them. BUT! Iron turns my stomach to stone and thus I do not poo. Example: 2 Thursdays ago I took 1 ferrous gluconate at breakfast, and one after supper, and i proceeded to not shit until the following Tuesday.

So I mentioned this at my doctors today, when I was there for an 'i has pneumonia?' appointment. She proscribed a laxative/lactose liquid thing that I'm to take twice a day after my iron pills. Essentially, how this will work, is that I'll basically have the runs forever. Whatever, i don't really care. Everyone has liquid poo now and then.

She said that the reason why i feel so unmotivated is due to the low iron, and not psychotic issues like i had suspected. So hopefully, with the 2 colace pills twice a day, domperidone 4 times a day, and now 1tsp of liquid poo giver twice a day, i should be nice and....unbunged.

Here's hoping.

On the pneumonia front, I am feeling a bit better. I say 'a bit' because i never felt sick in the first place. My doctor listened to my lungs of gold today and said they sound a lot better. I said the rotten cauliflower taste is almost gone, and I'm not coughing up goo anymore. Not that i was coughing up a lot of goo to begin with, but post-tx, you don't wanna cough up goo. So i have a 'script to get a follow up x-ray next Tues, and a follow up appt with her again on Weds to see how I am fairing.

And then i should be all fixed up in time for my one year assessment! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um what else?

I'm suprisingly not sleepy today seeing as I was kept awake by sternum pain all night. Stupid cereal box *squint*. Thankfully, I am held together by a sturdy peice of wire.

Me thinks that is all.


Jennifer said...

I would LOVE to have a iron level of 75! EEKS. I hope mine is there. I've had 4 IV's of Iron because mine is so low. No amount of oral Iron did the trick. Thank God I didn't have the stuffed up poo problem, but it didn't budge my Iron levels.

Hope you get your shit out soon. :P

Amy said...

glad you feel "better" :)

hope you shit your brains out and feel empty haha!!!!! I will be there with you with the dam IV abx :P

潘凱花潘凱花 said...


Matt Todd said...

You're so full of shit. haha, sorry.