My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, March 12, 2010


Welp, I'm a working girl now. My perminant shift seems to be 3-11 which has it's pros and cons.

- It really is a shitty shift to get stuck on
- Busy hours are from 5- 7:30ish and I don't yet know how to do everything yet
- I make a lot of smoothies and thus have dry hands
- I feel like i work when the rest of the world is relaxing

- I get the day to myself
- I have learned that I can still 'do stuff' after work, such as go out for drinks
- money, duh
- It's not like i really do anything from 3-11 anyways
- I get to make all my appts and not book time off

So yea, there are pros and cons to everything. I am finding it hard to adjust to working full time after not working at all for 3 years, but like everything, it takes time to fall into a routine. I have to stop looking at things that I don't like about the job and focus on what I do. I can't psych myself out of it and find reasons to quit to look for something else. As with any job, there will be things that you don't necessarily like about it so why bail? I looked long and hard for this job and I know that in time things will get easier.

I need to be positive and that's what I will do!

I'm having trouble remembering how to do all the paper work (which I know will come in time), and I find that i find myself making a lot of smoothies to avoid learning how to do so. It also keeps me from answering the phones for people who call in asking for shit and for answers that i don't have. The hours from 7:30-11 are the best because that is when people decide to fuck off and not bother you with inquiries about gym membership cancellations, or bringing in void cheques. But throughout it all and all the crap-talking that i hear at work, i never actually have moments when i think, 'i hate my job; i want my shift to be over' and i don't always look at the clock. I find that i appreciate the busy-ness of it as it passes the time quickly. And i was right: since working i've had no thoughts of 'i want to die'. It just takes time to get used to a new routine but i know in a few weeks it will seem normal. I must have patience!

The good thing about working at a gym is that i can wear black sweatpants (like LuLu Lemons). The only downside is that my pants lack pockets and i thus have to keep my staff key safely ensconsed in my bossom. The other day whilst gossiping about fellow employees in the bathroom with the custodian i took a deep breath in and the key fell out of my shirt and onto the floor. And yesterday someone asked to borrow the key because they forgot theirs and i had to reach into my shirt and retrieve it.

Oh well. I just never seem to learn.

I think i am going to follow what a fellow employee said: "I love my job". For the most part, it is pretty easy, and there isn't really anything i don't like about it except for all the trash talking about the company, but w/e!!!!!!!!!!!

That's enough for today!

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