My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bad Blood

So i got a call from my co-ordinator on Tuesday.

My red blood cell count is low.

Very low.

So in celebration a requisition to have my blood re-taken is being sent and will promptly arrive in my mailbox at some point this week. To add to the joy of this is another requisition to give a stool sample at the same time. Double yay.

Not only is my red blood cell count low and thus making me anaemic, my white blood cell count is also low (which sucks because i just got my infusion on the 5th and it shouldn't be), so in celebration of that, my Imurran (one of my anti-rejection meds) has gone from 75mg to 50mg once a day. I am to be on 50mg of Imurran for one week upon when I am to get my blood re-taken to see if my white blood cell comes up.

And then! My cyclo levels were high so instead of taking cyclosporin 150mg in the AM and 175 in the PM, i am taking 150mg of cyclo in the AM and PM now to see if that helps.

Basically, I am a bloody mess, and I can feel it. I am soooooooo tired but i'm wondering if it's also from my body adjusting to working full time. I spoke to my one manager about getting my shifts changed from 3-11 to 3-9 in a few weeks so that should hopefully help!

I have also re-started my iron pills which i stopped taking eons ago. Also, instead of eating at bizarre hours I bought a bunch of Lean Cuisines and Blue Menu's for work so hopefully that should help make me feel better. I hope i adjust to my job sooner rather than later though because i don't enjoy having lack of energy.

Other than that, I am contemplating getting my masters at some point in social work.

Ca va?

Ca va.


Amy said...

Don't drink a lot of caffeine while working either. That can tire you out. Tea is OK since you are used to drinking it but try to stay away from sodas. I think switching your shifts will help a lot. Work up to working full time! It's rough. And it's not like you just finished college and are used to the work load. Take your time getting into it. I know how frustrating it can be to have no energy while working. All it will do is wear down that compromised immune system of yours.

We can be Master's students together!!!! I want to start next January :) I need time to get settled and get SSDI approved then I can start!!!

It's Her said...

Ick, the bloods thing will probably be swinging for your first year, as your body adjusts and then needs less drugs, etc. I was 2 years out and still having occaisonal changes! And the work being tiring...well that can be work AND your body. Hang in there, you're doing great! And yay for being a college student again, I'm doing a masters so i never have to leave :D