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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hear, hear - and things i want in my oldness

Welp, it has been a week since I have posted. What i posted about, I can't exactly remember...oh yeah, blood. Well, we're not gonna talk about that because new blood has not been taken since said blood requisition has failed to show up on my doorstep. Therefore, blood shall remain in my system until further notification by mail.

Enough said. Decision made. Stubbornness in tact.

That, and I'm supposed to give a stool sample which is quite the feat seeing as the iron pills have done their job and sufficiently backed me up. I've taken 8 laxatives over the course of 2 days and no dice.

Enough said. Decision made. Stubborness in tact. There will be no pooing in a tiny cup.


So yeah.

I got my hearing tested the other day. Little known fact that I don't tell people, but that I'm learning is relatively common amongst sickies is that there are many of us out there (not just moi, who felt she was solo (as always) in this realm of side-illnesses) that have lost hearing due to meds (namely long-term IV antibiotic use such as the dreaded tobramycin). This is called otoxic loss. Personally, I have 'sloping severe' sensoneurial hearing loss, meaning that i hear some things within normal range (mainly with my right ear which is better), but then some things i don't hear at all and it slopes down into the 'severe loss' range, meaning that i need a lot of amplification in order to hear things normally. Sensoneurial hearing loss is caused by damage to the hair follicles that lay on your ear drum. It is irriversible. As a result of this, I wear hearing aids (not always, because i'm stubborn and superficial). I've had them for about 10 years now.

In Ontario, as long as you are under 25, the gov't will cover $800 per aid and the rest is covered by insurance. Seeing as I turn 25 in August, my dad suggested to me the other day that i made an appt to get my hearing tested and get new hearing aids before its to late. It's been yearrrrrsssssssssss since i've gotten my hearing tested or new hearing aids so i agreed and made an appt.

It was this past Thurs.

No change. Hearing is still the same and i'm still quite deaf, lol. I mean, i can hear without hearing aids but i don't realize how little i do until i wear my hearing aids like a diligent little child. I am getting new ones though! Going with Unitron again and this time i'm getting the shells (the part that goes behind the ear) in transclucent purple. I figured why not have fun with it? Beige is for old people, and I'm not old yet.

But speaking of oldness, I was having a conversation with my friend Matt about things we want when we're older. Here's a list we compiled:
1) pants will from thereonin be called 'slacks'

2) we already have an leg up on the aging process: he wears glasses ( i call him blind), and i am deaf. I have already had some parts replaced. He will one day need several parts replaced.

3) Rocking chairs. My rocking chair will be electric, and will have the capacity to roll because it will also have wheels. It will be a wheeling rocking chair and all other old people will be jealous. My rocking chair will also vibrate causing copious amounts of fat to jiggle.

4) Stair master. I will have one. What will make it better is if said stair master was attached to a wall of mirrors so i could watch myself glide on my ass on the way up. I will proceed to take my cats on rides with me up the stairs, even if i have no legit reason to be using it at the time. They will like it.

And that's the list so far. I think it's pretty fab.

What else? Yesterday I cut 8 inches off my hair and coloured it back to blonde. I am happy with it. I have a pic but i look terrible in it, so i must arrange a photoshoot with myself in the near future and post a before and after.

That's it. Back to my stupid paper i go.


Jennifer said...

I know you're already blocked up, but my physician suggests to me to take Vitamin C with my Iron to help "move" things along. So for every pill of Iron I take, I have to take 500 mg of Vitamin C.

Amy said...

Hmmm I take 2000 mg of Vitamin C a day and I am never backed up...maybe that's why haha!

I never knew that about your hearing. I need to get mine checked to see. Sometimes I think I have hearing loss and other times I think I am fine. Dam those drugs!

I like the list deary!!!!!!

Meghann "Former Queen of the O2 People" said...

Awesome post. I know you're gonna rock those purple hearing aids, so hardcore! you go girl.

I want a stairmaster too in my old age. To make Neeko ride with me :)

Anonymous said...

IT IS A VERY NICE SUGGESTION, THANK YOU LOTS! ........................................

Hulk Hoogan said...

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