My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

6 months, 2 days, 1 assessment later!

Welp, 2 days ago i reached the 6 months mark!!!!!! I didn't really celebrate in any way, shape or form, but just the simple fact that i can move w/o having the breath sucked out of me was kind of enough!

Yesterday was my 6 months assessment, which had me getting bloods done, xrays, ct scan, pfts with blood gas (which failed when my artery decided to have a spaz when the big huge needle was in it), and finally clinic. Clinic was fab! PFTs are steady at 72%, all my blood work is completely normal, and best of all: I DON'T NEED TO GO BACK UNTIL MY 9 MONTHS ASSESSMENT AND CAN NOW GET MY PFTS AND BLOOD DONE LOCALLY ONCE A MONTH INSTEAD OF EVERY TWO WEEKS!


*throws confetti*

I also met with some very fabulous people, Thara and Jason! We were gonna go visit Amy but she is still in ICU (steady and recovering, although a little slow but that's ok!) so we couldn't. However, I'm thinking of visiting her next week after my bronch so i hope it works out! i have lots of bring her! :) Meeting with Thara and Jason was great, it was nice to finally talk to them in person as opposed to always on Facebook and whatnot.

Mentally, I have been feeling better. I was worried I was depressed but realized that these feelings only come when i choose to isolate myself and not get up and actively do things, b/c when i'm occupied, I am totally fine. It's when i sit on my ass and have nothing to do but think that my mind starts to get to me, because you tend to over think. I used to think that I would always hate being busy (hate being busy pre-tx because it took all my energy), but after yetserdays long (though exhausting - the good kind of exhausting) day, i felt WONDERFUL! So i'm realizing, i HAVE to keep myself occupied like a normal person instead of sitting and dwelling. Sure, we all have those days, but in order for myself to be happier, i need to keep busy and that's ok...there will always be 'me time'.

So this is what i've done today:
- 2 loads of laundry
- took in prescriptions
- picked up prescriptions
- paid a parking ticket (don't tell my dad)
- got the mail (no mail-ables from Alex yet, boo, quel dommage)
- posted an online discussion for school
- looked at school shit
- garbage b/c it's garbage night
- will look into making supper
- got tea
- blogged
- will make another tea to keep me functioning
- will see the boyfriend tonight
- applied for jobs

So, i've managed to keep myself busy. I am happier when I am out doing stuff, and seeing as today was relatively warm for a February's day, it was good! I hauled ass, walked dowtown to pay the unmentionable parking ticket, walked to get the mail ... so all is good!! And now it is almost 4pm and the day is coming to a close! HURRAY!

I'm pretty sure i had other shit to write about but i can't quite remember. But that's ok.

So yes, sometimes you have to force yourself to do things but you always end up feeling better afterwards! YAY!:)


And to keep my going i remind myself that in one month it will be SPRING TIME and the next time I'm at TGH (which i miss, sadly), it will be MAY! YAY!!!!!

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