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Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY 2010!

THE FUTURE HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!! My new years was fab! Ended up going out to a bar and stayed out till 4am, almost lost my feet to freezing-ness, have not really slept at all since i woke up Thurs morning at 10am. YAY pred. induced insomnia! Fucken right.

Needless to say my new years this year was vastly different than it was last year, which saw me, katey, and krystal crashing at jenna's (and i say this with the utmost affection jennana) crumbling appartment. After initially planning a low-key, night in this year, i somehow got convinced to go to a country bar with friends and ended up having a blast! And you know, not once did i think about being out of breath as i was constantly hauled around the place by someone i barely knew (nor was i really concerned that i was being hauled around the place by someone i barely knew; yay free drinks; yay men who are willing to buy each and everyone for you) I learned that i can stomach several glasses of rye and ginger on nothing but caesar salad, that sweet chili heat doritos really do contain the secret ingredient of 'fire', and that lack of sleep actually doesn't turn into an out-right zombie the way some people speculate that it does. I did learn however, that going to a bar on New Years makes it near impossible to arrive home via cab before 6am, especially in this shitty, freezing weather. Oh well, regardless, i had a blast and made memories i will cherish forever!

It is now 5:27am. I have slept maybe 5-6 hours (broken since I woke up Thurs at 10am) needless to say this insomnia dealio kind of sucks. I just took something to help me sleep so hopefully it works b/c i'm really not cool with this lack-of-sleep business. I kind of need it for survival purposes and all.

What else? Keep checking Alice's blog b/c i'm sure she'll be breaking her exciting news soon. And if she never plans on disclosing said exicitng news, then, oops...from your friend in Canada.

HAPPY NEW YEARS 'Y'ALL'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you go to the Ranch?? I went years ago and as much as I hate to admit it, it was a great fun. I hear they have since gotten rid of the ride on bull. Rye and ginger rocks, my parents brought us two bottles over for Christmas as it's hard to get here plus they call it Canadian Whiskey not rye. Happy 2010!

Amy said...

sounds like you had a blast on New Years!!!!!!!!

Alice said...

I updated my blog!!!!!!