My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm not lost

No, i didn't get lost, or fall off a cliff, or get lost in the woods. I've just had nothing to blog about.

FINALLY got my new lappy up and running, and gone are the days of acer hell. Tres excited about that! Christmas was fab and I spent the day misty eyed on several occasions over the fact that I lived to see it. Very thankful to my donor and their awesome fam for that.

What else? Not much! Praying that my friends who need their tx's get them. I don't have much to say really! Sorry this inaugural first blog on new laptop entry has been wickedly lame. maybe later i'll be inspired.

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Amy said...

so glad the lappy is up and running! Miss chatting and soon I will have my own laptop and we can chat again constantly woohoo!!! Of course I have my phone but that isn't always easy lol