My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, January 7, 2010



I've made it 5 months! And what better way to celebrate than with a nice big fat email from the university informing me of my tuition fee that's due! Not.

Yes yes, education is commencing for me next week on the 11th. I begin my distance ed course (aka DE/online). I'm pretty stoked but already i can feel the stress mounting with it: the textbook purchasing, the re-orienting oneself with the world of online education, the coursepack finding, site navagating,....all that fun stuff that stresses a student out but it's normal stuff! Oh life, i love thee.

What else? I have my port surgery tomorrow and i hope all goes well with that! It's at 7:15am so it will be early to bed and early to rise...Ugh. Oh well. I don't have much to report other than that.

I am loving my lungs.

In scary news, I read in the paper that there could be a worldwide shortage of black tea.

*screams in terror*

*starts hoarding*


BreathinSteven said...

Congratulations, Bree!!! I'm so happy for you making these milestones - they're special in many ways...

Sorry about that tuition fee thing -- but it's kinda nice that it's still an issue! And I hope your port surgery goes freakin' awesome...

Hoard the black tea - might want to hang away from green tea... We were at a "living with transplant" gathering and, they've got little actual data or proof, but seem to have anecdotal evidence that green tea seemed to have an impact on Prograf levels... They talked to us about kidney recipients who were regular green tea drinkers experiencing rejection more often... Dunno whuzzup with that, but as good a reason as any to stick with the black tea! (And maybe some type of confirmation that it really does good for your immune system, which is not the thing we would need right now...)

I'm so happy for you -- I'm glad you're doing well... Love, Steve

Amy said...

I'm so freaking excited you are going back to school!!!!!!!

Love you girl and miss chatting! I will be home soon and I am getting a laptop so we can chat again I promise!!!!! <3

Megan said...

Yey 5 months, and yey port! Hopefully the port surgery is done and dusted as I write this :D

Hopefully the black tea shortage won't be for long. Cuz, well, that could potentially spell 'end of the world'. Everyone knows the world functions on tea! Xx