My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm going through withdrawal. I don't have enough tea in my system and I feel pretty comparable to how a diabetic feels when they have low blood sugar: weak, irritable, antsy, unsociable, bitchy, grinch-like, and generally, not the best person to be around.

I don't even give a shit about Christmas today. I have no patience for happiness.

I didn't have my first tea until 2pm. What a shock. Usually, I'm on #3 by then. It's 5:52pm and i'm just breeching #3 as we speak, and i finally feel well enough to post a blog. No tea in my system makes me feel physically ill to the point that I get the shakes and fully deem myself to be going through some form of caffine withdrawal. If only there was a cure for this like a caffine drip. When there's no tea in my system i don't care for humanity - at all. Just don't even fucking talk to me until i've had my 3rd on some days.

My friend also goes through withdrawal when he doesn't have enough tea in his system, and compares himself to a diabetic with low blood sugar as well. I told him that somedays, b/c i HAD to check my blood sugar after surgery post tx and don't need to anymore, that I check it just for fun. We generally had a good laugh just being miserable and bonding over lack of tea in our systems. Tea is the basis of friendship. And Corrie St.

Other than extreme withdrawal I am well. Lungs are fab and I love them a lot. Currently there are spring rolls a'baking in the brand new oven for me and i must flip them. I am trying to get over my fear of such modern appliances and may try a hand at baking something at some point.

Until then, the fear remains, the withdrawal is subsiding, and I feel well.


Megan said...

I love our old tea conversations. Twinnings for the win! Xx

Matt Todd said...

Irritable and bitchy, isnt that normal for you? haha, just kidding.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean I love and neeeed tea - moving to England was the best thing ever as this is a full country full of tea addicts. At work when you make a tea you basically have to make one for the entire office so I am up to about 5 a day now.
As for Corrie people here pretend not to watch but they do, we have a 2 hour Christmas special on tomorrow which I can't wait for. CBC has some great Corrie shirts - or they did last year anyway as I got all three - merry Christmas to me...(
Hope your Christmas is full of tea

Anonymous said...

it's cool ..................................................