My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, November 5, 2009

On today's menu...

1) 11 hours of sleep

2) meds done immediately upon waking up like a good soldier

3) food consumption - too much

4) 1 chunk of antsyness/ restlessness

5) 1 vaccine of H1N1 accompanied by a side of seasonal flu vaccine

6) grocery shopping for ambitious supper idea

7) 1 strong realization that i don't have any legit reasons to complain today..

8) 1 strong realization that i should take that back b/c i will find something to complain about...

9) 1 long moment spent at the slider watching the dog attempt to eat all the snow off the deck

10) 4 endless moments telling me i should blog about something positive

So here I am. It's the 5th of November and before i begin i want to extend a HAPPY 1 YEAR POST DOUBLE LUNG TX to ALEX!!!!!!!!! I shall post ur blog link!

So yeah i woke up in a slightly better mood today. I say 'slightly better' b/c i'm feeling restless and antsy if i sit - like i should be doing something. I know restlessness is a side effect of the new gastro med i started, and seeing as i have to take it 4 times a day...could i be experiencing it already? Probably. I have the munchies today, and i don't know if this new med is laced with pot or what but it kind of sucks b/c i'm not hungry, i just have nothing to do. I'd go for a walk but the weather is changing ever 2 seconds pretty much. I did however realize we have some severly underused yoga/pilates DVDs in the basement so i may drag those up to my room at some point tonight and do them? We'll see! This weekend is supposed to be fab so i'm looking forward to getting out and walking some trails around here.

So yes, like a good, diligent citizen of society, I got my flu and H1N1 vaccine today. I've never had a vaccine of any kind and today i lost my vaccine virginity. And let me tell you, it's pretty exciting. That, and the fact that on the documentation they gave me that states i got the vaccine, is says 'Pandemic'. I'm part of a pandemic people - i'm officially part of history. That's pretty sweet in my book. After i got the vaccine I sat in a chair b/c u have to wait for 15 minutes. My dad came in shortly after me and got his b/c i called him saying there was no line. As we sat there, i morbidly pointed out in an excited manner that this was 'so 1918...'. He probably thinks i have some mental issue. Well i'm sorry but it had 'cool' written all over it...cots on the floor for ppl who can't handle the shots, nurses giving needles and handing out sheets stating u got it...pretty nifty.

But the bottom line i guess if any one gets excited over 'pandemic' mode is pretty sick in the head. I guess that's me. Oh well. Accept it. i'm making homemade veggie soup tonight for supper, as well as Cajun Caeasar salad! How sexy eh? It's pretty exciting i won't lie, and when i was at the grocery store hauling all my shit around i felt pretty fabulous. I didn't even think that i wasn't out of breath but i did think about it when i hauled my shit into the car and sat. It was easy and there was no struggle. I love it. I guess the antysness/restlessness comes when i have nothing to do but sit on my ass.

Must get off ass. Must.

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