My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Welp, as you can tell by the counter at the top of my blog: IT'S OFFICIALLY MY 3 MONTHS POST-TX DATE TODAY! Woo frigging hoo! And how did i celebrate but by going to the St. Jacobs Farmers Market with 3/4 of the girls (the last 1/4 being ensconsed up in the wildnerness and currently unavailable to participate in such adventures).

Things i realized while Farmers Marketing today:
1) Don't eat breakfast before you go, and don't eat breakfast there either. It's quite possible to survive off all the samples you will consume (fresh fresh! right Krystal?)

2) Wear proper runners. I learned the hard way. I don't want to get up off the couch.

3) Bring a camera, as Krystal did. She got plenty of pics. I brought mine but did not participate in any picture taking myself, though I was in several of Krystals. Maybe one day, when she locates her long lost cable cord, those pics will find there merry way onto facebook and saved/stolen onto my computer.


5) Oh, and bring cash and spend lots!

Things I bought:
- 2 bags of Kettle Corn (sooooo good)

- 1 Christmas stair ornament for my sis and her bf

- 1 loaf of veggie cheese bread

And i think that's it.

Katey's mother sent her with a list ("get a roast if possible") and Katey was able to purchase about 99% of the things sent for. Krystal bought a pie and we loaded it all into the trunk of the Cherrybomber. We happened upon a grey/silver Ford Tempo on the way home (apparently i'm the only one who spies these things from miles and miles away) and all in all, it was a fab day! Weather was great and I may take one of the dogs for a walk if my body wants me to get up off the couch. I feel run down and im' sure it's a combination of the past week i've had with my assessment, then both flu shots, and needing to go for my Gamma this coming week. It's pretty normal so i'm not worried. My temp, FEV1 and everything is fine so that's good!

Also, for any one who reads like the bookwhore that I am, have you read the Into the Wilderness series? I'm on the second book and can't get into it. I've forfeited it for the time being and picked up Diana Gabaldon's new book An Echo in the Bone. WEEEEEE! If you've read the second book of Sara Donati's Into the Wilderness (Lake in the Clouds I beleive it's called) let me know if you felt the same way please!

Hope u all have a happy Saturday! Tomorrow I am going to concquer 100 stairs with Krystal!


Amy said...

good luck with the stairs! I bet those legs die before the lungs start to hurt!!!!!!!!!

Jess said...

Yay for 3 months! I understand about the leg thing, my calves are killing me! I've read the first two Gabaldon books, really liked them!