My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


FEV1 one week before tx: 0.8L or 21%

FEV1 today, 2 months post-tx: 1.67L or 67%

(ok so i lied: it was 1.67L when I checked lastnight and 1.64L right now, but a 4% decrease isn't anything to be concerned about - but 1.67L sounds more impressive than 1.64L)

SO YAY! I am 43% higher than i was just 2 months ago! CRAZINESS!

Today I met with Jenna and The Yukon here in TO for a late lunch, and then we gallavanted to the giant HMV. Soon after they had to depart for the subway and I walked all the way from Yonge St to our place in under 20 minutes without getting out of breath. I didn't even think about it - it's so crazy. I feel normal, i can't describe it. To use the stairs and not even be slightly out of breath? Maddness. Complete insanity.

Chubby face alert from today. I blame my hood.


HArmstrong said...

bree you look stunning.

Tara said...

Congrats on the awesome recovery!

Ok, I can't let this go b/c I'm such a numbers geek. Something's not adding up. If you are at 67% right now, then your predicted FEV1 (100% capacity) would be 2.5 Liters.

1.67L/2.5L = (about) 67%

Using the same predicted value, your pre-tx percentages were actually

0.8L/2.5L = 32%

Maybe you were actually 0.5L pre tx, because that would be 20%.

*steps out of math classroom*

Amy said...

Dam I feel like you did L were .84 today argh!!!!!!!!

And you look great!!!! Now that I am on Prednisone I guess I need to look for the swelling...phooey haha!!!!

<3 you!!!!