My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Get Well Soon, my friends...

Seems like everyone is sick.

A friend of mine actually has H1N1 - very worried!- , Amy ( is locked up in the FunHouse and i'm really worried for her as well, Megs requested to be punched in the eye, so i punched her in the eye on facebook, and yesterday I had to be cut out of my pants.

Yes. What is the world coming to?

In reference to the last point, yes, i had to be cut out of my pants yesterday, which resulted in the partial destruction of a lovely lacey pair of undies but i wasn't really thinking of that when i took the scissors to them. I discovered this problem whilst in a bathroom stall - Jenna in the one beside me - in the basement of a pub in TO that had horrible service (that $3 tip was wasted Jenna; we should've dine and dashed!). Not thinking much of it i forgot about it till i departed with Jenna and walked home. Upon changing into jammie bottoms i discovered the issue at hand was more severe than initially thought - it was going to be impossible to actually separate the lacy bit from the stupid hungry zipper that ate the lacy bit in the first place. Tugging, employing mum to hoist the zipper up then down, did not work.

Scissors were the only option.

Obviously, I escaped unfazed but the undies suffer and as a result have a huge, unattractive mangled tear in them. And you know what sucks more? Is that this has happened before. You just can't trust those jeans whose zipper is located on the hip rather than the crotchal region!! Let me tell you!!!

What else? I'm back home for the weekend! This weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving and I'm tres excited! I need to make a hair appt as mine looks atrocious and is dried out like mad b/c of the pred.

Tonight also saw the first official Post-tx Cat Mauling Session, starting with the Heidi Speidi. As soon as she was freed from the basement she began stalking me and found her way up to the couch. Unable to jump up b/c of the selfish dog who refused to move, i gathered her decrepit body up, molded her into the shape of a shrimp, and rocked from side to side as she likes.

And then the purring began.

I don't know if anyone has pure white cats here - or cats with pink ears and noses - but generally, when they are really, really happy, the pink goes from light pink to dark pink. Well, she got really really happy and the purring got louder and i knew it was time to stop the Maul-Fest lest she never get off of me.

That is when the Pig decided it would be her turn, but being a solid brick of a cat and about 15 lbs overweight, I couldn't pick her up and told her to jump up on my lap instead. This didn't end well and I've only seen Zoey temporarily in the bathroom before she ran down to her lair in the basement to plot against the world.

And that is how my day has been.


HArmstrong said...

have you not seen your cat since post TX?? how come?? i was told we were still allowed pets?

Kellee said...

Your post always make me happy!!
Your so funny!!


Anonymous said...

You are hilarious & I am so happy for you that your TX is a success!