My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, September 7, 2009

Which is Worse?

First of all, I'M OFFICIALLY ONE MONTH POST-TX!:) MY NEW LUNGS ARE ONE MONTH OLD! One month ago i was in surgery probably having a lung put in. YAY FOR ORGAN DONATION!!!!! YAY FOR MY AWESOME DONOR!!!!!!!!!!

But to the point of this blog: which is worse?

Which is worse: being hit with the shits on the Gardiner Expressway while traffic slows to a crawl as people watch the annual Air Show, or; being hit with the sudden urge to vomit while the Gardiner Expressway traffic slows to a crawl as people watch the annual Air Show, or c) not being able to decipher if you're being stricken with the sudden urge to vomit or shit all over the place while traffic slows to a crawl on the Gardiner Expressway as people watch the annual Air Show, so you sit in misery hoping that stuff doesn't spew out of you from either end...b/c lets be honest...on the highway, there's no where to go.

No where safe, anyways.

So yes, as mum and i drove back to TO from our weekend home, i wasn't feeling all to well. Didn't feel that great over the weekend in the gut area, and i'm pretty sure it's b/c my cyclosporine was upped massively and i havent quite adjusted yet. I don't feel horrible 24 hours of the day, it's just for the next few hours after i've taken it. And to add to this, with all the Tylenol i've taken, it's kind of backed me up and's not fun. What did keep up occupied on the drive - and kept my mind off my stomach and my ass - was the annual Air Show..where fighter jets and fancy planes do fancy swirly stuff in the air and stunts and they're really loud. The Snow Birds are part of them...and as you can tell i'm not entirely educated on this Air Show business but just chalk it down to fancy air planes doing fancy airplane tricks. I did get some pics and when i stop being lazy i may post them. It was pretty cool.

For those not 'in the know', the Gardiner Expressway is part of a major highway leading out of TO. It's so heavily populated that it could be its own city except everyone lives in cars. The Air Show was at the CNE (Canadian Expedition which is the 'official end of summer' and ends today and coincides with the CNE closing) is at the lake (where the CNE and Gardiner are) so as you can imagine, people were pulling over to watch the fancy airplanes do their fancy stuff and it was slow, and there I was, contemplating what i'd do if i was suddenly stricken with the shits or i had to vomit.

But neither happened. I just felt like it might.

So yes, which is worse: vomitting on the side of the highway, or having the shits? I vouch for having the shits, which is the least dignifying thing i could ever imagine happening. How do you hide yourself if that happens? You can't. There's no grass. At least if you vomit u roll down the window and it's done with (unless it's the winter and the windows are frozen shut - then you're pretty fucked).

But the shits?? Do i need to sit on a plastic sheet or buy some adult diapers now?


Amy said...

HA I would rather puke :) I'm glad you didn't do either and I hope your stomach gets used to the new dosage ASAP!

We have one of those "cities" in my area too...Actually two of them...I-95 and 76 :) Both are pretty much parking lots from 6am until about 7pm but 76 is a parking lot at 4am on a Saturday night too...dam two lane highways LOL!!!

Congrats on one month post. It's amazing and I can't believe how fast it went by!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, a month already! CONGRATS!

And boo for the spewing. Can't imagine much worse than what you described on the gardiner. Plus all that maddening airplane noise... I'd of had a freak attack!

Wow. So Cyklo is hard to swallow... make that your excuse for needing to try Prograff instead. Your mustache will fall out like mine did after I made the switch.

I don't know but I think you are having your air sack drained this week, so I'm thinking if you! Yes, we want to reduce the risk of any staff infections or what have you.

You sound like Toronto is your oyster right now. Your cooked oyster that is. Enjoy!