My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Those who fall the hardest...

So i went out for the first official time lastnight to celebrate Krystal's bday (which happens to be today!) It wasn't a huge event by any means - just a small get together at a pub. We sat at a booth and ate and chatted and it was great. All i had was a regulare Iced T and some nachos (which i ate far too many of) and was happy. We sat there for about 3 hours and had a great time!

When we left, Katey told us she could drive us home, but that we'd have to walk to her car which wasn't far, just on the other side of the block. I knew i could do it. But here's where my problem sets in: i only had major surgery almost a month ago, and while i feel great, i forget to remind myself to slow the fuck down. So we're walking down the street and i'm marveling at the fact that i can walk and talk and how before i couldn't when out of nowhere my knees gave way and i crumbled onto the cement like a child, knees first - hard - hands second, face barely missing the pavement.

I felt and landed basically in the position of a frog. And i stayed that way for about 3 minutes in shock, while Katey and Krystal stood above me in shock too. And then we started laughing, b/c it was completely random and funny. But then I realized that once i'm down, i can't get myself up on my own yet. So it took about 5 minutes, between laughing and figuring out how to maneuver me, to get me off the ground.

While it was funny, I'm still berrating myself for not slowing down. I don't care that i fell so much as i care about the fact that i did use my hands to stop myself from breaking my face. I'm worried that any force that reberverated up my arms may have jolted and hurt my sternum. However, my sternum feels fine and i havent needed any pain meds today so that's a good sign!!! Needless to say I am taking it very easy!!

I felt like utter shit yesterday morning. I threw up some Gouda cheese that was part of a gift basket at some point. I've also been really really tired, but i know it's because during the week I get up early and don't sleep long enough. So this weekend i've been napping, napping, sleeping 9+ hours and am feeling better. I know a lot of it is also b/c they upped my Cyclosporin dose from 75mgs in the AM and PM to 100mg in the AM to 125mg in the PM. Holy talk about a massive jump! I understand it will take a few days for my system to get used to the change, but it means my mornings are very slow as i tend to feel iffy for a while after taking my meds once again. Oh well...can't complain.

Clinic was good on Friday. Bronch showed some mild rejection that they're not worried about and won't treat but will monitor. I'm not worried, as they have told me that mild forms of rejection happen to about 99% of newly tx'd people within their first few weeks. They are hoping the cyclo dose change will help with things so that's good. The bummer news is that i have a tiny air pocket above my upper right lobe. They don't think there is fluid in it, and it hasn't grown or anything, and they're not worried about it, but they want to admit me at some point this week to put in a cath to drain it, just so that it doesn't become an issue, and so that it doesn't get the chance to ever become one. So in that respect, i cant be bummed. They are being proactive for my sake, and they said i would only be in for 24 - 48 hours at the most, and while i'm in I'm free to do w/e i want so i can't complain. They said from my CT scans, my lungs have healed so well from the surgery that they don't even look like they were ever transplanted and they look as if they've always been mine! SO HURRAY!!!!

Also in clinic, i found out that i was carrying way more bugs pre-tx then I ever thought i had. This is another reason for putting in the cath drain so that any lingering pre-tx infections that could be living in my sinuses and trach, don't get the chance to infiltrate this air pocket and infect it and fuck it all up for me. Not only did i have aspergillus pre-tx, i had a hole slew of really horrible things, like H. Influenza, Myo something, some other stuff, and most shocking and scary of all was STAPH! I didn't just have Staph in my lungs, i had in on my lungs as well. That's fucking scary, and i won't risk any lingering Staph-y infections so as much as a catch drain doesn't exite me, i don't want any pre bugs to come back.

So yeah...i think that's it for now.


Matt Todd said...

I've had the same problem. I went down on my knees in a parking lot once. I was lucky i didnt break anything. I also wasnt able to get up on my initially after transplant. I could half ways do it if I had something to push myself up on. But if i was in open space i wasnt able to get up. I'd have to crawl to where i had something to help push up with. But after a few weeks of rehab i was able to get up on my own. So it will come back in time.

Amy said...

Sheesh girl you weren't kidding when you said you fell hard!!!! I'm glad you are ok today though and nothing broke or tore. Take it easy :)

Good luck with the draining this week lovey!!!!!!