My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Second, there's not much to report. All i had was physio today and mum and i went to the Harbour front and dicked around on the dock. We walked. There wasn't as much to do there as i thought there would be, but it was still nice to go for once, instead of driving by it and looking longingly. It's weird to walk freely and not be out of breath; not worry about how close we can park and the least amount of walking that can be done. Now it's kind of like, the farther away we can park and the more i can walk, the happier I am. Very strange.

So yesterday (whoa just had a deja vu), saw me admitted into the hosp for that not-really-looked-forward-to chest tube/ 'cath' (aka PIGTAIL CATH THAT FUCKING HURTS). We got in around 12 lunch and waited in a room. It was boring. I wanted to escape but could not. I wanted fries too, but wasn't allowed to eat as the procedure was scheduled for 3-4pm.

So we waited, and around 4 the doc comes in and says it's not scheduled, they're not gonna do it afterall as the radiologist discovered that where this air/small fluid pocket is, is located near a blood vessel and the risk is greater than the benefit. I was happy. He said that since i'm feeling fine and walking and improving and had no idea to begin with that i even had an air pocket hovering above my lung, that they are going to leave it...keep up with the weekly x-rays, and go for a CT in a month to see how it is.

I mean, if they can take care of it, go for it, sure. But if it's not bothering me or posing a threat and has the potential to disappear on its own, why not let it? I really don't want to entertain the idea of being sedated and chest-tubed again and with all that pain. If nature can take it's course and drain it on its own, let it.

But what do i know?

Had some upper back pain today between the shoulders. I have downgraded to regular Tylenol and only took some this morning for a headache at 8am and again at around 6:30 for my back. It gets sore if i sit scrunched up and slouchy-like.

Had a pretty shitty sleep as well, as i had a nightmare about Michael Meyers being in my room. It scared me so much I turned my light on at 3:30am and opened the door to make sure my mum was ok. I havent seen the new movie but my friend did, and said it was so brutal that she hated it. Which says a lot.

Other than that there's not much to report. Early day tomorrow with bloods, pfts, and physio, and then that's it. We'll see what kinda trouble we can get ourselves into, mum and i.

PS. WTF happened to my counter at the bottom??? i was above 50, 000 i'm a mere 11,000 whatever? GAH. *self esteem crumbles*


Jennifer said...

My counter is wonky too. Mine was at about 6,000 yesterday and today it jumped to over 11,000.

Jennifer said...

Oh and my other blog was at 3,000 yesterday and today it's around 11,000 as well.

Alice said...

I accidently DELETED my counter... idiot me.

Megan said...

That 'where in the world' thing just above your counter... Have you noticed that someone in the middle of the sea (at the left side) is reading your blog?

Must be cool to have penguin/polar bear readers Xx