My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are you ready?


The following people i expect to be in attendance at the the 2011 games: Alice, Evlyn, Meghann, Marjolein, and Cassie. Anyone else who wants to attend (granted u've had ur tx and are healed and have the go-ahead) is more than welcome to show up! But the afforementioned are demanded on behalf of myself and...myself.

Seeing as i missed out on Australia - for a good reason tho - I am uber stoked for Sweden 2011! I have 2 years to a)figure out what i will do; b)learn what i am good at; and c)TRAIN!. My friend Sarah (who had a double lung and actually went to high school with me tho we didn't know eachother at the time) have decided to train though we don't know exactly what we will do seeing as we're not really good at anything. I'm a dancer...tho i doubt dancing is an event. I suggested cycling...but i don't know if that's an event either. I don't particularly enjoy running - or rather, didn't - but that could change in the next 2 years! I shall scope out the site more thoroughly and get back to you people about this.

The last 2 nights i've had issues swallowing my cyclosporin. It seems to lodge itself in my esophagus and slowly crawl its way down into my stomach. I had no issues taking my meds with oatmeal this morning tho so i don't know what it is. Maybe tea is losing its effect. Also, i had PFTs this morning and they were the same as last week, which suprised me considering the amount of walking and exercising i've been doing. However, i understand that a)wanting them to be higher than they are in one weeks time considering i'm only almost 4 weeks post is asking too much and extremely unrealistic; and b) i was in horrendous pain b/c i had clotted post-bronch goo slowly making its way up and out. Even tho it's the tiniest bit of brown gooiness, it is so incredibly painful to cough up! But fuck, once its out the pain is gone! This however, did not stop me from clutching my left side, bitching and moaning, and being overly dramatic about how much pain i was in. I made a point of informing everyone about how much pain i was in if they willing to listen.

Yesterday afternoon saw mum and i walking around downtown Toronto for 3 hours. We walked from the hosp to the giant HMV, ate lunch at Red Lobster, finding sales at Guess (found a $44 tank on sale for $29 but it came to $16!!!!!!!!!!!!!), got my post tx shirt made (will post a pic at some point), and eventually found our way back to the hosp, into the parking garage, and home the appt where i promptly napped away my tiredness. As a result, my legs wanted to nothing to do with my today, but i made them.

Today i had bloods, pfts and physio. I rode the bike for 16 minutes...didn't do the treadmill due to my epic walk around DT yesterday, and came home, where i napped and lounged. Tomorrow it's up at 8am for xray, clinic at 9, physio 10:30, then HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!

Hope you're all well! And yes, i'm feeling better!!!

I found the sports! Thanks to Megs help, i needn'tve looked under 'events' to find out what activities there were but rather should've scrolled up to the top and looked under 'sports'. There listed in the link provided was, as thought, was a list of sports to be entered into! And yes my friends, CYCLING is one of them!!!!

As of now i would like to unofficially enter myself into cycling, badminton, maybe kayaking, and to stereotype myself a little further, winter sports (b/c all Canadians can do wintersports - Snow People Building is by far my fav Canadian sport - that and making Igloos).


Meghann "Former Queen of the O2 People" said...

YES I'm ready. I hope I can afford it when the time comes to go to Sweden. It is pretty expensive! But it will be worth it when I take home the gold! lol And of course hanging out with everyone will be awesome too.

Sounds like you had a pretty good day and I'm glad you're feeling better!!! Now it's my turn to recover from being bronched lol

Alice said...

I was just about to inform you that cycling is on the list! But very competitve at the Games. Try learning squash, cos there's so few females playing, you WILL get a medal!

Marjolein said...

I would LOVE to go to Sweden. Maybe I could just come and visit you all and cheering you on haha. As I don't think the chance is high I'll get to be on the team for the Netherlands. But maybe, I'll try :-)

Amy said...

That's so awesome!!!!!!!!! I hope you all get to go and meet and make me incredibly jealous LOL!!!!!!

Can't wait to see the tee shirt picture!!!

<3 ya!