My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My dad left me in a revolving door today.

We went to the AGO - Art Gallery of Ontario - and to get in the front you pass through revolving doors. So dad went in in front of me and pushed...and then got in the building and kept on walking and left me stuck halfway. So I stood in the revolving door and stared after him. After he noticed a massive lack of me, he turned stopped, turned around, sauntered back over (much to the shock and amusement of the security guy, who was probably wondering why the fuck i couldn't keep pushing the door), and said, "Oh yeah...I forgot you can't open doors yet."

The AGO was good, but my feet are fucking KILLING me b/c of all the walking i've been doing the last few days. I enjoyed the art, but unfortunately, my focus was more on where i could find a spot to sit rather than appreciate the art...I like the older's not's like the aboriginal art and the portraits from the 18-19th centuries...and i liked the model ships in the basement lol...yup, that's my artistic critique. You can tell i'm not an artsy fartsy. It was fun nonetheless. Lots of stairs too - all of which i took!:) AND DIDN'T GET OUT OF BREATH WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah, my dad it staying with me this week since mum went back to work for the week, tho she has been working from the condo. We've done lots of walking, and found a Chapters ( I controlled myself and got nothing) and then went to the World's Biggest Bookstore today (which apparently is part of Chapters) and since i had a gift card i got another copy of Vanity Fair that's edited so hopefully i can actually read it this time!

I have another gift card that i am saving for next weeks's release of An Echo in the Bone from Diana Gabaldon!

Other than that, that's it. Lungs are great and I love them! I am praying for all my tx friends who are waiting to get their calls!


Anonymous said...

"took the stairs"! WOOHOO! I like the old stuff too (modern art doens't crank me) Great to hear your escapades! alex

BreathinSteven said...

I'm glad you're alive... Because I think I would notice a massive lack of you...

Love, Steve

HArmstrong said...

bree! how excited are you for the new diana gabaldon book! ah. use those gift cards on that! i'm so glad you those lungs are breathin easy girl!

New said...


I simply love your blog.

Hugs from a Transplant Buddie,