My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The First Sneeze - and Yawn

Ok so it's technically my second sneeze...but this is my first sneeze being aware of how it will feel.

My first sneeze post-tx was on August 21, when the diabetes nurse (i'm not diabetic but they give u instructions on how to check blood sugar b/c pred can elevate it. I'm lucky that all i have to do is monitor mine), was in, when it happened. And it fucking hurt.

I have not - up until now - sneezed again. But for the last few days i've had the build up to sneezes and then the sneeze flees my nasal oriface and it's gone. All urges to sneeze vanish and i'm fine, safely ensconsed in my pain-free zone of happiness that i've had established for the last 2 days (no pain meds!)

Tonight however, while doing an emaculate foot scrub in the bathroom sink, it actually happened. The build-up, which i thought would stop...and then BAM - a sneeze! Not of massive proportions, but of normal proportions anyways....The build-up hurt, the sneeze did too, but it wasn't clutch-your-chest-scream-cry-knock-something-or-some-small-child-over-hard-enough-to-make-it-feel-your-pain-worse kinda pain. It was...sore more than anything.

It doesn't mean i enjoyed it. It doesn't mean i'm sitting and welcoming the next one b/c i'm not. But it happened and i didn't fall apart at the seams like i feared would happen. But i'm still afraid of the next one.

And yawning - i've been able to yawn! Much the same process as sneezing, it's more the build-up that hurts, not the yawn itself. I havent been able to do one big yawn, but i do them in intervals seemingly. Not as frightening as a sneeze, which has uncontrollable force beyond any power i possess.

And in closing, the final part of my incision scab fall off whilst making pancakes. I went for a hike for an hour and a half today with my dad, and i feel great. OH! And i slept on my back lastnight and not inclined anddidn't wake up as sore as i thought i would! Yippee!

I think that's it, mes amis!


Amy said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you had fun hiking and survive LOL!!!!

realgonegal said...

HIKING! Yesssss! (where did you hike>)

Congrats on your first sneeze (nothing to sneeze at, eh?). It still hurts me a little to sneeze, but some things you cant help!