My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Proud new owner

Prednisone face watch continues. Sometimes my face looks like a bloated, undesirable moon that almost forces me to dive into the fridge and eat everything - metal and plastic included, and sometimes it looks normal. I blame the lighting.

As well, I am the proud new owner of AN ECHO IN THE BONE! WOOOOO! Thanks to Walmart for breaking their embargo agreement and releasing the book 3 days early, Chapters chose to compete with those dirty bastards and release it too, 30% off. Still, it was hellishly expensive but that doesn't matter. I'd sell my left boob for that book.

I was lucky enough to have lunch with my cousin Tammy and Aunt Kathryn today! Mum and dad came too since it always seems to turn into a spectacle to get the family together but i'm happy it worked out! They were kind enough to give me a (hold your extremeties people) $100 gift card to Chapters!! I havent broken into it yet, I will use it wisely! I SWEAR TO GOD. I'll exercise some form of self control with it...i'll view it as a life line. This just motivates me to read more than i do, b/c truth be told i havent read much since my tx since i'm always out walking or at appts or something. I need a good rainy day to just sit my ass down and read. Currently i've got 5 books on the go which is horrible. My main focus is Into the Wilderness...and I think after this i'll go to An Echo in the Bone, that way, when i begin to go through Jamie and Clare withdrawal all over again, at least the Into the Wilderness series will feed my habit since they are similar in their premises. I won't need to sink into a severe literary depression as i did last year upon completing A Breath of Snow and Ashes and rock back and forth in a corner for days on end, crying. I'll be strong enough to read other books.

I swear it, people. I'll be strong!

I think that's it. I'm off to read.


Kerri said...

I read the Outlander series awhile back, it's so addicting! I don't know if I remember the details enough to read the new book through, I may have to re-read all of them before picking it up!
Anyway Bree, I hope you enjoy the new book!

And I'm sure you look incredible, as always, despite "Prednisone face" (which I'm sure isn't even noticeable).

Amy said...

Oh no you hit gold with that gift card!!!!!! enjoy it!!!!!!!!!