My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I got a one-way ticket... being an athlete!

Yeah yeah, I know that's a tad but ambitious for being a little over a month post-tx but whatever. I feel very good and i want to exercise and get out there as much as possible!!! I didn't walk yesterday as my shins hurt from walking too much, and my physio told me that i need better runners (apparently Skechers aren't legit running shoes), so i went out with dad today and found a cute (and athletically appropriate) pair!. I got them at Athlete's World, and began my journey by thoroughly embarassing myself by knocking down an entire display of shoes when i located my size and decided to haul out the box.

Fail. Down goes the display case.

However, by knocking down the display case like a complete moron, it did bring some man-help from a worker. Around my age, very nice, attractive (albeit slight porn-stasch) and it went swell! The shoes were a good price, i got some socks since i beleive my sister stole mine when she left the nest last month, and i did my best to flirt but not outrageously since my dad was there. I mean, how gross would it be to see your daughter flirting with someone? I want to vomit when i witness people being overly nice sometimes. Either way, i channeled my high school drama skills and and tried to lure the guy and i think it worked.

Note to self: return to Athlete's World very soon...look for something (or someone?). Have valid reason for returning. Bring phone. Potentially add number. Don't knock anything over. yeah. I got home, ripped the shoes out of the box, and went for a 15 minute walk. It was good and i need to shower (even tho i did before bed) since I reek of sunscreen. Jenna is having a going away party tonight since she is fleeing the province to the Yukon and then out to Newfie-Land forever. Gotta look and smell good as we may be going to a pub. And i'm taking pictures. Since university is back in session that also means MEN. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

What else do i need to mention that's important? Things are going well and i am so thankful and blessed! I am feeling fantastic! I can kind of sleep on my right side, and i don't wake up as stiff and sore anymore!!! I havent need ANY pain meds in over a week! This makes me tres happy!! My sternum feels better as well...i'm coming into the stage where it feels like you're wearing a tight sports's not uncomfortable tho...i just wish my boobs felt supported and not like that were halfway down my stomach all the time. Oh well, can't complain. On my walk this aft i almost had a moment where i started crying, b/c i was thinking about how in under 5 minutes I was already so far from home and walking at a brisk pace and completely not out of breath or tired. It's a miracle, and i have my donor to thank. They are a rock star, and we make a great team the lungs and I! I will always do my utmost to keep them happy and healthy!!!

And before i go: JESUS GOD LOOK AT THIS!:

Looky looky who's back in my life! Oh dear Henry Cavill how i've missed oggling over you! Oggling will begin Sept 30th when The Tudors season 3 returns! Season 3 is promising to be as much of a sexy beast as possible. Very happy lady here!

P.S. An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon is already out!!!! I went to Chapters and spied it but didn't have my gift reciept! DAMNITT! Oh well just another excuse to return to Chapters...quel dommage


Amy said...


I hope you get the guy's number next time wohoo!!!!!! :)

Jess said...

I'm trying to make it through the Tudors, Season 2 right now. I wish there was more sexy time to keep my attention! That is a pretty gorgeous man. Glad you're in less pain!

Bree said...

Jess, Henry Cavill takes my pain away.