My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


If i was an Aboriginal, my name would be Runs-from-Stairs, inspired by the book i'm currently reading called Into the Wilderness (inspired by the character named Runs-from-Bears), based on an actual event that happened to me Sunday night.I was all settled in bed, warm and snuggly when the annoying and inevitable happened: i had to pee. Which meant getting up, and crossing the 4 foot threshold that acts as a carpeted landbridge between my room and the bathroom. All was fine until i decided to look down the dark stairs and scare myself again.

Like a responsible, mature adult, i pushed it to the back of my mind and swiftly and stoicly swept into the washroom and told myself i had forgotten looking down the scary steps. Until i was finished and had to make the trek back across the carpeted landbridge into my bedroom. I opened the door, peeked down the stairs, psyched myself out, and ran like hell into my bed room, with no where near enough time to both slam my door shut and fly into my bed, get under the covers and calm down. As i ran, i couldn't help but notice that i ran kind of splayed-leg like...kind of frog-leggish. My thigh muscles aren't back to what they were yet, though they are not far off...Still, it was weird to experience 'running' and feeling how far my thighs have yet to come.

So that's my scary story for the day.

What else? I am 6 weeks post-tx and had my 6 week bronch today! IT WENT WELL AND THERE'S BEEN NO VOMITTING YAY! I wasn't really out of it during the procedure either and the minute the scope was out of my mouth (besides coughing up a huge pool of blood from a tissue sample they took), i was talking and being normal and not high! I proceeded to not sleep in the recovery room and instead intrigued a nurse by talking about books and recipes i recommended!

What else is there to mention? I thought there was another important event to to running from scariness, bronching....OH YEAH! TONIGHT WAS THE FIRST TIME I SHOWERED STANDING UP FOR THE WHOLE SHOWER! ALL ON MY OWN! Not amazing or anything but it's another step in recovering and not being dependent on ppl to help me. It felt nice!!

I went to a farmers market that's on at Sick Kids every Tues and that was exciting. I bought some local made maple syrup, local made tomato sauce that mum and i used for a homemade pizza tonight, and we bought some beeswax candles, as well as assorted buttermilk muffins and cherry and apple crumble tarts! ALL MADE LOCALLY!

Before i go: LOOK WHAT I DID!!!!!!!!!

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Jess said...

Your pretzel name made me smile!!