My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, September 28, 2009

"Friends are friends, if they are next door or thousands of miles away..."

Or in my case, kilometers - b/c this is Canada.

In the last few days I'd have many 'friend' things happen - all good, albeit it kind of sad in their own ways. And before I go on i have to give credit for the title of the entry to my dear friend Lindsey for it!! Lindsey would be one of my 'thousands of miles away' friends, as she lives in Florida! We met online a few years ago and I honestly count her as one of my closest friends. We've sent Christmas cards and the like, and have become very close with eachother throughout the years. We've been through double lung transplants each, illness, ups, downs, prednisone face, rage, man-issues, friend-issues, sleep issues, people-being-stupid-bastard-issues, your-weather-is-better-than-mine issues, would-you-like-some-snow-i-think-i've-had-enough-of-it-already issues, i-would-like-to-see-the-Maple Leaf Hall of Fame-how-can-i-get-there issues, and my biggest one, i-can't-beleive-you-live-around-palm-trees-are-they-real issues.

Sometimes i feel like i have two sets of friends: my healthy ones, and my transplant ones. And with each set of friends there are these incredibly tight bonds. As i've said countless times before, illness will bond you with people like no other way can (unless you have a baby maybe..I dunno...), and there's just that automatic understanding that's implanted in your head when the friendship is made. As you get to know each other better you move past the "we are friends because we are sick" and you start caring about other aspects of their lives - aspects that don't include being sick anymore. Either way, Lindsey has been there for me throughout it all and we talk about everything, and her comment yesterday in an email really stood out to me as it speaks volumes to another friend aspect that i'm going through.

I speak of my dear friend Jenna (usually with Krystal and Katey!) a lot. Well, Jenna has moved away:( Us girls spent all day Saturday together, and yesterday I went over to Jenna's place to help her with some final moving things. Jenna is (as we've been saying) fleeing to the Yukon.

Yes. Yukon. Yes, Yukon as in The Northwest Territories. Yes, Yukon as in "it borders Alaska". Yes, Yukon as it complete other side of Canada. It is not something you hear of people doing everyday that's for sure (unless it's a horrible metaphor for something drastic), and I admire her ballsiness to follow her heart and go on an epic adventure that not many people of any age would have the guts to do. So yes, she is leaving for the Yukon until May, when she will then move out to Newfoundland with her boyfriend forever.

*insert tears here*

I am in denial. Jenna has got to be one of my bestest friends in the entire world. They say you meet your best friends in university and I always thought that was complete and utter bullshit but secretly hoped it was true. Well it is. While I did go to high school with Katey and Krystal, we didn't become real friends till university, and those 3 girls are my best friends in the entire world. Jenna and I met in the summer after first year working in a car-brake pad factory. We worked together for 4 days before i got fired b/c i'm that much of a horrible worker.

Well that's a lie: i didn't get 'fired' per ce i got 'let go' or w/e you want to call it. Basically (and maybe this is discrimmination?), all of the smaller people got let go...b/c the physical aspect of hauling and pushing these huge 100lbs bins full of brake parts was beyond me. I didn't care though, I hated the job anyways - though I made $400 in the 4 days i worked. But in those 4 days Jenna and I formed a friendship, and soon discovered we went to the same university and the rest is history! Turns out Krystal and Jenna had had classes together, and together with Katey we somehow found eachother and the bestest Epic Friendship that could ever be formed was, and it will remain intact until and after the world explodes.

*cue cinematic music*

Um ... so yea. The Epic Flee has officially begun. I will be seeing Jenna in 2 weeks (or 8 days) in TO so i still have that...but until June (when she's back in Ont. for a wedding) that'll be it. I do have plans to go out to Newfie-land for weeks on end and mooch off her family so i have that to hold onto!! But still...this growing up business and getting on with your want so badly for it to happen and when it wish time would slow down.


So yeah, that's my friendship spewl and it probably bored you people. Today i have my speaking thing at my university for that i'm excited about!! They've been calling for a wretchedly shitty day: 100km/h winds, rain, cool weather, things and children flying by your windows, peices of buildings breaking off, chunks of earth flying away, you name it, they called for it, and as i look out my window i see some sunshine and a mild breeze and i've gotta say i'm more than slightly disappointed.

I wanna see things fly by my window. Is that so horrible to ask? I like extensive damage it makes me feel happy. I like windy days b/c i can stay inside and not blow away, but can enjoy the fact that i'm witnessing other things being destroyed and it doesn't directly affect me.

Oh well. That is all. This has been long and I'm sorry. I'll let you know how the speaking thing goes!!

Love your friends and your windy, destructive days people!!


Kellee said...

Good luck with your speech!!!

Amy said...


Hope your speech went fabulously today!!!!!!!

Meghann "Former Queen of the O2 People" said...

Awwww. So sorry to hear of Jenna moving away. I felt that way when Monica moved to Maryland. But, alas, perhaps distance will make you guys even closer!

hope the speech went well. Man you got nuts the size Canada and US combined!