My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hypocrisy and Perspective

The weather has changed into fall here in Ontario, and even though it's only been a handful of days, it's all people are talking about.

Wait. Maybe i shouldn't say 'talking' about; it's much better for me to change it to 'complaining' about since that's essentially what they are doing. I think they forget where they are living. They complain about the fall weather like it's a huge, mysterious deal ("how can it happen so fast it was over 30* last week...?") ("oh shit, it's not sandle weather anymore!"), ( and my favourite: "It's fucken freezing! I wore a coat today - it was only 13*C.") you people not have TVs? Do you not know that there was a fucking tsunami in Samoa yesterday and about a dozen earthquakes in the same area? Do they not know that parts of Indonesia also had a magnitude 8 earthquake earlier today followed by another one? Those are 2 legitimate reasons to complain. Sure, fall weather sucks but it is Ontario. Last time i checked we did have 4's not like this shit just snuck up on us. Now earthquakes and tsunamis? Can't exactly look on your calendar and count down the days till the next one strikes, or change your wardrobe to match for when such natural disasters occur.

Oh bitching aside, I am great. This makes me a huge hypocrite however b/c any of my friends know that i spent all day ( i mean...12 hours - all day!) dealing with this fucking Acer. Truth be told, I can't really give the Acer all of the blame since i did contribute a great deal to it's fucking up-ness.

It started off like this, a typical Acer day:
- Turn Acer on
- Wait 10 minutes for it to warm up
- Sign onto MSN
- MSN signs in, loads, ppl send me messages, MSN freezes, Acer proceeds to freeze, I fill with rage
- MSN signs out

Eventually, i get on MSN, and talk to people, and go on about my daily internet stalking excursions and as the day goes on the Acer either co-operates or gets slower as time crawls by. Today was one of those days where - like this shitty, dreary, miserable weather - the Acer decided to draw inspiration from the outside environment and be shitty, dreary, and miserable as well. It got so slow to the point that i decided to try defragmenting, and after acheiving only 3% out of 100% defragmentation in 1 hour and 45 minutes, i gave up and decided i would just delete things i didn't use, and uninstall programs i 'didn't' need.

Not being a techy, this was a huge fuck up on my part, as i ended up uninstalling things that i apparently DO need (like MS word for school and who knows what else). Now i must sort through the ancientness of the interal workings of this gem and locate it in some phenomenon aptly named 'recover'.

Or something.

So now, after thoroughly ruining the Acer, the space bar has joined in and jumps back a few words everytime i hit a certain button. GREAT! This will work out wonderfully when i go back to school in the winter.

So see, i'm a huge hypocrite when i bitch about people bitching about the weather like it's the worst thing that could happen. Um, hello? Tsunami out of nowhere? Acer being a douchebag? Hello, earthquake in already-earthquake ravaged Indonesia. PERSPECTIVE, PEOPLE!

In lung news, THEY ARE FAB! I guess my bronch from last week showed no rejection as my prednisone dose went down from 25mgs to 20mgs! And how did I celebrate? By eating!! I also went on a wonderful power walk tonight with my mum. I'm suprised i was able to stay next to her the whole time as she was wearing an 'old' coat equipped with shoulder pads so high that i'm sure when she looked down at me, they blocked out my face.

Somehow, i managed to stay by her side and made it safely home.


Amy said...

Sorry this made me laugh :)

It may be time for a new computer :)

HArmstrong said...

nope...just can't do it. i hate the cold weather. it makes my airways go "AH GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" and then they shrivel up and i get and the cold don't do well haha

Kellee said...

Yay for the walk!!!
Boo for Acer!!!