My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A True Hero

You wanna know about a true hero? Read the previous entry and then read this.

Lloyd. The last entry was about a tx acquaintance of mine, named Lloyd. He has CF and was listed for a double lung and liver tx. We got listed around the same time. We used to do pulmonary rehab together but they soon began separating all the CF people and myself from having contact to prevent the spread of bugs, so after that, we didn't work out together.

Lloyd got his tx 2 and a half weeks after me. He got his lungs and his liver. Lungs were working well, as was the liver. But other issues came up. He had a heart attack and went into a coma. More complications insued. The battle got tougher for Lloyd.

Today, at 2:40am, Lloyd passed away.

And although he was dealt an arguably shitty hand in this game, he still - after all he went through - was an organ donor. Although his last month of life wasn't the greatest, he still got his tx's like he wanted. His donor extended his life, and now he will save countless others.

So when people say that they can't be an organ donor because of this shoddy reason, or that shoddy reason, think of Lloyd, and all he went through, and remember that he got dealt a shitty hand, but reached out to save others despite all he dealt with.


semperfiohana said...

breathe easy lloyd

Amy said...

awe HUGS Bree!!!!!

RIP and breathe easy Lloyd :(