My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Frigging munchies!



STUPID PREDNISONE. I don't beleive i am actually hungry, I beleive it's the prednisone letting me think i am and forcing me to cave and eat a mountain or the wall across from me. Well I won't. I have will power, damnitt. I WON'T RESORT TO EATING THINGS THAT SHOULDN'T BE CONSUMED.

Well you know what, munchies, you won't win. No. I won't give in. I've found a way around you (should i be disclosing this? will this come back to haunt me? Holy fuck will i pack on 50lbs unwillingly..?) I'm having a drink instead. Chocolate milk. Good for the bones, since Mr. Prednisone may or may not hurt you. Yup, i'm drinking chocolate milk from a crystal wine glass and doing in with class. That's how it's done, and it makes me feel special.

Maybe the next time the munchies strike I will put on fancy earrings and my nicest item of clothing and drink something really nice from this crystal wine glass.

You won't win. NO. I am horrible, vain person.

I hope this chocolate milk doesn't deposit itslef in my double chin or jowels in the morning, b/c i will be seriously devestated.

And fuck you prednisone for giving me rage!

*flings self onto bed and starts crying*

*screams like a child*

*pushes old ppl out of the way*

*breaks window*

*wipes eyes*

Ok i feel better, even if it's only in theory.

A year ago today i had my false alarm. And a year later i have new lungs. That is something to be hugely thankful for.

What else? My sternum hurts:( I'm getting more feeling back...i don't know if it hurts feels tight and heavy and like there's pressure on it. My armpit is getting more feeling too. I went for a walk in the hall for 20 minutes and that really helped.

Know what else helps with the sternum pain while walking? LISTENING TO SPICE GIRLS.

*end erratic and random blog entry here*


Meghann "Former Queen of the O2 People" said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH *holds sternum in pain* ahhahahahaha. OMG that was funny. Made my night!

Megan said...

The spice girls! awesome.

I occasionally still get pred munchies, having been on the stuff for a few months now. I always think it's worse when there's no good food to have munchies with. Even if you do want to resist them.

I'm hungry dammit! Xx