My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, August 23, 2009


And oh ya: I'M HOME!


I got home Friday night! They discharged my ass so fast on Friday that it was pretty overwhelming and completely satisfying. I was going crazy in the hosp and getting depressed, and let me be honest when i say my progress since being home and skyrocketed astronomically!

Minus today, i'm still not dressed, i look really frazzled and i've been on the couch all day. But i think that's allowed. I did order my new medicAlert tho so that's good!

I have a lot of pain today. Not substantially's more that i am getting more feeling back into my chest than anything, but it's nothing that T2 can't handle. The only prob is, i can't open any bottles myself. Oh well. No fear of overdosing.

Being home - if only for the weekend - has been so good for me. I am doing a lot more walking and i have no residual swelling in my ankles. I don't walk so much like an ogre any more, but i walk slow still. But hey, it's better than sitting and letting myself melt into the couch!

In other happy news: I HAD A SHOWER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2 WEEKS YESTERDAY! HURRAY HURRAY! I no longer feel like i smell like i've been festering in an onion patch for 2 weeks! Friday saw my first step into liberation when i shaved my armpits. And yesterday, thanks to dad and his speedy run to the store to pick up and ultra dignifying shower chair, i had my first shower! All 45 glorious minutes of it! Minus the part where i slipped getting out and mum grabbed me under the boob and tugged my incision a little was freeing. I feel like i can emerse myself back into society and not offend people with my odour. YAY

No more nausea either! I can go to the bathroom like a big girl, i can dress myself, feed myself, self's grand. I still have trouble sleeping, since i can't roll around like a freak and sprawl yet, but i know that will come in time. I had a bit of a scare in the middle of the night when i woke up and my chest hurt. I guess i fell back into old habits and was breathing shallow out of habit. It was tres weird.

Sorry if my last entry was weird. I was partially with it. Before being released into the computer room, my nurse drugged me with oxy for pain and then motrin for nausea, so to say that I was higher than a kite is pretty accurate. Add to that the vomitting sporadically on the floor and I'm not sure how much sense my entry made. I know it was quite repetative. It didn't help that the nurse also just left me to fend for myself for over an hour, but oh well, it's done and I am home and I am happy.

The parents are in TO collecting the keys for our place! So i am enjoying just loafing and catching up on things. I hope you are all well! Now that i'm out and have my lappy back I will be able to update more frequently!!



Tara said...

Now this is the Bree I know! Welcome back, and Happy Birthday! I am so excited for you and your new lungs. Congratulations. Now go eat some cake!

hobbz said...

I bet this is the happiest birthday ever! Hap hap happy birthday!

You go girl!

Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations! So glad to hear you are doing so fantastically well. Looking forward to hearing what you will get up to with your shiny and less slimy new lungs.


Danielle said...

OMG, this post was freaking hilarious, I love it! Happy birthday, I'm so happy for you.

HArmstrong said...

yay bree!!! i cannot even belive you are at home! what a fast recovery from the hospital!!! great to have you back in guelph!!!

Megan said...

So glad you're back and hope you enjoy your birthday and new lease of life!

Ad yes, cake is a must. Go have some. An entire one. You deserve it! Xx

Amy said...

HAPPY F***ING BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Glad to hear the pain and nausea is gone :) Or at least manageable :)

Love you!

Kevin said...

Congratulations Bree! I have been reading your blog since the beginning and I am so happy that this day has finally come for you! As a fellow double lung tx recipient myself, as time goes on you will be breathing better & better everyday! You can finally LIVE your life!

CFsteph said...

It is nice to have you back.

MitchB said...

Hey Bree - Arlene gave me the good news when we went to Grand River on Friday. I'm SOOOOOO thrilled for you! I missed seeing you at the GRH but I'm so happy for why! It sounds like you're doing very well.

Belated Happy Birthday - and I hope you celebrated!! You deserve it!


Meghann "Former Queen of the O2 People" said...

Being home for the first time post-tx is so liberating. How was seeing all your friends again? And your pets?!:) I'mg lad you had a good time at home! Love you!

Wish2Breathe said...

lol ... I remember that first shower all to well! I hope you enjoyed it and enjoy everyone from this point forward.

Also happy belated birthday!!! And to remind you from this year on do not let August pass without receiving BOTH of your birthday cakes ... yes you heard me twice as many birthdays = twice as much cake!

Love Ya

Wish2Breathe said...

Also wanted to put it out there cause it helped me greatly to sleep. I used one of those seat pillow things with the little arm rests to sleep at night. I would sit it on the bed and then my regular pillow on top of it. It helps minimize the pain of actually getting up in the AM. Then again you may not have that since your incision is on your chest and mine was on my back.

Either way I got stuck face down (pre pillow) on the bed one day alone and it took me about 20 minutes to manevuer to get up without hurting myself so I figured I would put it out there.