My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feel like crying, anyone?

Seeing as I've gotten my new lungs and have a totally new appreciation for life, I've been a lot more emtional at totally inappropriate, random moments. I know a lot of it is pred induced (tho i'm not on a lot, thankfully), but most of it is total gratitude for my donor and what they've done for me when i least expect it.

Like lastnight for example. Here's my status from facebook:

" a little over 2 weeks ago I was dying; tonight, i walked 13 floors of the appartment and sang my heart out to my iPod and it was completely effortless. ORGAN DONATION WORKS! Because of my donor, I AM ALIVE! THANK YOU! *promptly starts bawling from sheer happiness*"

It's when 'small' things like that happen to me that i get mushy. The little things I couldn't do before like sing to my iPod...the fact that i was walking at a decent speed and singing (silently) and having it not cause me any issues, was so overwhelming and beautiful. I do you describe that?

I had a long shower lastnight. My feet were terribly swollen yesterday and still are though they are going down. I pointed it out to the person at physio and she said it's normal and that mine isn't too bad, but understandable that it's uncomfortable. I slept with my feet propped up on 3 pillows and it def helped! I have them propped up now and they are feeling better. I want to walk, b/c I know it's good, and the physio lady said it is good for me to be walking, but that it can make it worse. However, I am basically doing everything right and it's just a matter of the excess fluid to get out of my system. But hey, if this is my only issue I shan't complain!

What else? I was pretty miserable this morning b/c i was uncomfortable with the swelling, plus it warmed up quickly and my feet hurt. All i wanted was McDonalds and to take a shit. Thankfullly, I got my Happy Meal and we all know the happiest part of the meal is the diahrrea that swiftly follows! HURRAY!

So yeah, i'm feeling a lot better now that the feet are up, the Happy Meal is digesting, and i've got shorts on and have cooled down. Hope you're all well! Thank you all for your kind comments and well wishes!:)


Meghann "Former Queen of the O2 People" said...

YAY i got the first comment!! :)

I totally understand you're emotional state. I'm like that too. I get so mushy over the littlest things. I wrote the first draft of my donor letter and was balling like a lil' bitch who's mom wouldn't buy her ice cream. It's crazy.

But, who wouldn't be so emotional after the gifts we received? So cry cry and cry some more!

Have you noticed how nice and helpful strangers are when they find out that you've had a transplant? :)

Kellee said...

I am so so happy for you!!!!
And man a happy meal sure sounds amazing right now!!! thanks =)

Megan said...

I once had a dream that I'd had transplant and I'd gone on a walk with an old friend, and started to cry b/c i'd realised that I'd been walking for 30 + mins without getting worn out, whilst talking at the same time. I can't say I know exactly how you feel, but hopefully I will one day :) Xx

Piper said...

wow, so well said! congrats and on the new lungs and the "small" pleasures you're finally able to experience again! i'm so so happy for you.

cry your eyes out babe. we should all have such a beautiful reason to be grateful!

The Blog Makeover Girl said...

Aaaaahhhhhh you have your new lungs, I'm sooooo pleased!!!! I seem to have stopped getting your updates and thought this afternoon I wonder how you are. Then I come here and see all this - I'm totally happy for you *does the happy dance*. Ok well I'm gonna go catch up on your other posts now :)

Louise x

Wish2Breathe said...

You make me want to cry .. I am just so thrilled for you to finally feel what its like. It brings back memories and like I said just makes me so thankful and happy for you! You deserve every bit of it chickee.


Kelli said...

I am so happy for you. I love how you appreciate everything. What a true miracle for you. Your attitude is so positive, it's wonderful. I'm sure you will relish in many happy new experiences. what a good example for the many who will follow in your footsteps one day (ME).
~A fellow CF'er,

Kira said...

I totally understand the emotional thing - when I got my pain pump it felt like I got my life back too. When I woke up and actually had the ability to stand up and go to shower or clean my teeth and actually felt the energy to do things people took for granted.

Sending hugs! It makes me happy and cry a little to hear when someone is so happy and gets a second chance.