My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Laughter and Farts

I've been farting all day. I'm not gonna lie, and I'm sorry if that grosses ppl out but it feels nice to be able to finally do it since i've gotten feeling back in my stomach and i don't feel like i'm going to pop all the time. And it's not small ones either it's nice huge long ones that leave me in gales of laughter. And i laugh not just solely out of immaturity but b/c i can without being thrown into a huge coughing fit. I let out a nice one in the shower tonight, as i sat in the steaming water on my dignifying plastic shower chair. Jenna initially speculated that i had farted on tiles (when i informed her) and i made it clear that I did not in fact, fart on tile but rather plastic douced in water thus magnifying the ping of the fart and reverberating it throughout the realm of the bathroom.

And i couldn't stop laughing. And what made it better was that my mum was in the room and i knew it and neither of acknowledged it. So there i sat, slouched over, soaking wet, laughing hysterically over a fart. And it felt wonderful.

And there you go.

And i think the best laughing moment was this morning upon our return from the hosp. We parked in the parking garage and were getting out of the car when my mum got shocked. How and why exactly she got shocked, I'm not sure, but all i remember is her screaming, "OW! I GOT SHOCKED!" and off I went. It was one of those moments when you keep replaying it in your head and it just gets funnier each time you think of it. My mum is forever hitting her head or getting shocked when removing herself from a car, and while i don't really understand why she seems to fall victim to such plight, it's pretty damn funny everytime it happens. I'm thinking of investing in a helmut for her for her bday perhaps...Either way, it was great to laugh and not get out of breath and have a coughing fit. I truely love being able to laugh on a whim now!

I had blood work today and i thought i had an xray but apparently that's tomorrow. Apparently i was supposed to have a bronch yesterday but there was no date written down so who knows when that will be! Tomorrow i have PFTs, xray, and clinic, and hopefully home for the weekend! WOO HOO! Afterwards we ventured across the street to Sick Kids where i went to my old floor and saw some of my fav people! It was nice!

I am in slightly more pain that usual today, and i think its' b/c i'm slowly getting more sensation back in my chest. It's hard to tell b/c i'm still relatively numb but have some small forms of sensation. As a result, I've taken a little more T2 than i have been but it keeps me from being a miserable bitch so that's a small price to pay. What else? I've also been sitting more today to help keep the swelling down so i think that makes the pain worse. However, since i've been sitting, the swelling in my feet is a lot better so that's good!

I think that's it! Tomorrow is my 3 weeks post! EEK!


Amy said...

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Farting rules!!!!

And laughing without coughing is even better :)

LittleM said...

i am already addicted to your blog, Bree. Thanks for sharing with me on facebook when I stalked you and congratulated you. You're helping me start to be excited about transplant (very early stages of excitement). I flipped back to some of your old posts and it sucks cause your text is really light on the new background, but I am awed at how you got from being so terrified of transplannt to where you are today. Again, congratulations.

Laby said...

I am also shamelessly addicted to your blog that a mutual friend introduced me too.

Farting is liberating!!! And I'm glad that laughter only has one use for you now--no longer is it a form of physio!

Keep up the awesome progress. I will be taking notes from you in the future.

Meghann "Former Queen of the O2 People" said...

ahhhhh isn't farting post transplant wonderful when you can finally do it?


Kim said...

I found your blog through Alice - I'm so excited for you and so delighted to hear about the simple things that I've just taken for granted - especially laughing at farts!! Keep laughing Bree!!

Anonymous said...

You are so funny....and for the record I think farts are funny too. So funny in fact I bought my kids this putty called "flarp" that makes a farting noise. Each time they do it they fall into a fit of laughter :)

Megan said...

Hehe, nothing wrong with laughing at farts. In fact, its probably weird if you don't laugh.

And I'm so glad you can laugh without coughing now. Hmm... What's it like?! Xx

Matt Todd said...

Farting does feel great, especially when you're kind of bloated.

I still haven't gotten back feeling in some areas. I have no feeling around my left nipple. I can pinch the thing really hard and not feel a thing.