My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, December 19, 2008

Flash Virgin

Welp, they did not lie when they called this snowstorm "Snowmageddon". It definately sucks. And it's definately awesome at the same time. And it definately looks like the end of the world outside.

I left Jenna's last night after our Pizza night with the girlies. I had horrible back pain again, and it just kept getting worse. By midnight i felt paralyzed, or like i had fallen into a cement mixer and been torn up. I took 1 tylenol 2 at midnight and it did nothing for me except get stuck in my throat and taste awful. I woke up at 5am and felt worse. I hoped the snowstorm was raging so that i wouldn't have to go to rehab.

Alas, I woke up at 7 am and nothing. Not a snowflake, not a wind, not a nuffin. I had to go. Fuck. Just as i was leaving it started up, and it didn't start up slowly, it just came raging in from the hell it came from and it was like immediate white out conditions.

As i made it into the city where rehab is, i turned to take the bridge that leads to the hosp. YOU COULDN'T EVEN SEE THE HOSP (which looks like an asylum, lets be honest). It had all but diappeared in the wall of snowstorm. But i had ulterior motives to this trip: i really wanted to see the resp. doc to find out what was wrong with me. I woke up today and i couldn't sit up. I can't arch my back or straighten up at all. I'm in a perminant slouching position like a grumpy old man. The only thing that would top this was if i was bald and in a wheelchair. But i'm not.

I told Rhonda that i wasn't feeling well so she paged for Lori to come see me. I was squandered to the back corner and the curtain was drawn to hide me from the world. Lori soon came and as soon as i started telling her what was wrong with me, I started to cry b/c the pain was so bad. She was so kind and sweet that it made me cry more, and she touched my back and said it was definately pleurisy.

The pleurisy this time is different from the last time, wherein the last time i swore i had been mysteriously shot by a musket in the dead of night, and this time i feel like i have been squeezed and shoved into a machine that has torn up all my back muscles. Except the pain is in my ENTIRE back and it ends at the bottom of my ribs. It's also at the top part of my arms (that line up with the top lobes of your lungs) and it's up the back of my neck and the side of it, and then in both front upper lobes.

I walk like i have a stick up my ass. I can't bend over and my thighs are sore b/c i can't stand up straight. It really is shitty, but i'm glad i have it confirmed that i am once again struck by the almighty hand of pleurisy.

So Lori called my respirologist and told her i was plagued again, and said i was taking Tylenol 2 (i took 2 when i got home and they are working!) I was told to start Cipro and will call that tomorrow. I don't want to drive in this shit anymore. My respirologist said that if it gets worse I have to get admitted into the hosp.YIKES! When all was said and done, i was on my merry way and back out into the winter wonderland, where i had to clean my car again.

The snow is falling at such a rate and is blowing so hard that I had to pull over 3 times to brush off my back window and remove the ice that formed under my wipers. I repeatedly saw people park at red lights, get out, and wipes their cars off b/c the snow was accumulating so fast. I fishtaled at 2 intersections (and didn't freak out or cry, yay!) and I drove all the way home at 50km/h. And no i don't have snow tires, my dad claims they are 'all season' tires, aka, they've been on the fucken car for the last 16 years.The wind bites it's so cold, but what can you do? My papa called and was shocked to hear that i had gone to rehab, and was shocked to hear my sister had gone to work in another city. He was so shocked that he exclaimed, in typical Papa fashion, "I don't know why people don't just stay the hell inside". He then informed me that he would sit by the phone and worry until I called him letting him know my sister had made it safely home.

And to make it more exciting, when I was crossing a bridge to get home, i flashed someone to let them know to cross it first! I've never flashed anyone before and it was tres exciting! WEEEEEEEE!

So that ends it for this long wintery painful entry. Before I go I must add that as I dropped Krystal off at her place last night, I saw a bunny!!!!!!!!! I havent seen one in a long time and was shocked to see one in December. It was even more special seeing as Owen had been born the day before. It was as if K was letting us know that she's still here and knows what's going on, and just saying, "i'm still here". :)

And i'm glad i could scroll my window down fast enough, stick part of my hand out, and scream "BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!" at Krystal without scaring it off!!

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Amy said...

Ugh so sorry about the pleurisy once again. I hope it goes away fast!!!!

We got NOTHING here!!! Just rain, rain and oh did I mention RAIN?!?! For crying out loud if it were snow we would be flipping buried!!!!

Take pics I wanna see some snow!!!!!!!! :)