My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cleaning this place up..

God there's so much crap in this place that I can barely see through it all. I got rid of some pics, changed the archive thingy, added a pic behind the title (does that look stupid? can you even read the title and my slogan?) and am generally a little more happy with the way this place looks.

I have been contemplating changing the layout/template/whatever the hell it is from black to something else. But that would be a huge overhaul on my part and lets not lie to ourselves, I'm a lazy human being and technology fills me with rage, and the thought that I would change over my blog template and potentially lose all my bloggy goodness scares the absolute shite out of me, so for now, we're sticking with the basics: colour changes, a picture here and there, and that's about it. It's a blog for Christ's sake, not an essay or a thesis or some special gov't document, and although I'm jealous and envious that Meghann went and changed her format I am too afraid to do it myself. So Meghann and her new blog templateness can just go to hell.


A year ago today was the first day of my transplant evaluation. HOLY CRAP. A thought struck me while I was lazing on the couch, that what if I don't get the call soon and they need to re-evaluate me? I WOULD SHIT. And I wouldn't shit out shit, and I wouldn't shit a brick either, I'd shit a small elf from my shock and melt into the floor. The worst memory of the eval is a tie for two tests: the lung perfusion where I was convinced I was going to die, and the one where they take a pic of your heart and you peddle on this bike, and when i did it, my hospital gown came undone and my boob popped out and i couldn't move to change it so i peddled on my back along with Boob Solo and it was at the moment that I wished nothing more for the giant magnet machine to suddenly detach from the ceiling and land on me. But it didn't happen and alas I am still here. And i'm happy. Boob exposure notwithstanding.

Oh yeah, the horrible arterial blood gas that rendered me crippled in the left arm for a couple of days is up there too. So that's 3. God, feeling like you've been punched in the ulna sucks.

Like a dark cloud and its ability to loom in the background for everyone, Pleurisy is waiting behind my back again. I can feel it there....i have that dull pain again that gets worse if i walk or do something (like cleaning my room which i just did. Gah the pain!) I woke up and felt like i had been crushed by the hands of a giant around the ribs. I took 2 advils, then realized what the pain was, and thought i probably could've taken a motrin instead but what can you do? Nuffin muffin.

Um what else? Apparently there's some giant snowstorm coming tonight/tomorrow with up to 20 cm of snow and winds up to 70 km. They called it "Snomageddon" on the news. I'm a fan of the snowstorms myself, since i can't shovel and i can stay inside and watch people do it instead. And since i'm morbid I highly enjoy wind and destruction. It's supposed to start tonight and I have rehab tomorrow so we'll see if i'm able to go. Tonight is also a pizza night with the girlies at Jenna's so I hope that's fun. I'll bring my pleurisy along and all should be merry.

That's about it really. I can't beleive it's almost 4 o'clock. When did that happen?


Amy said...

HEHE We are supposed to get a storm here too but nothing like what you are!!!! Lucky me I have 4 wheel drive so I gotta haul my ass to work no matter what haha!!!!! :)

Solo Boob...classicly classic ;)

Alice said...

Oooohhhh, I like the new look!! You're inspiring me to make some changes too! Like the crown behind the title!!! Very Tudor-like. I think.